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  1. Well, that is true - if feed them every day, they will became more choosy. But carrots, pumkin and catfood and dandelion leaves mine like always. as hissers, as Blaberus, as Opisthoplatia, as Dubia.....
  2. Yes, right. These mites like humidity and any ANY organic matter. They can spred out in great amounts in a few days. it is surprisengly. Sometimes I saw them on in my roach feeding dish even in dry food. If this food stays for some longer time there........... So just to clean regulary!
  3. My hissers almost always eat their sheds. At least, partly. But what about B. craniifer and Opisthoplatia orientalis, they usually leave them. rarely saw them eating sheds.
  4. Somehow I tried moss, but i didn't liked it. I use sawdust for my roaches and cirkets, and I think it's OK. They sometimes like to taste it, so.............. I think that is it fine.
  5. These are mesostig mites on my Gromphadorrhina portentosa! In terrariums they are found on other roaches as well, but in the nature they are restricted only to hissers.
  6. Well, yes, I think that dryness should help, because as I know from my expierence, mites like wet conditions. of course, extreme water amount is not ok as well, but they cann't survive in dry conditions. As well as food , especialy not fresh food of cockroaches very like various mites. So, from my cockroach keeping expierence I know, that it is better more frequent cleaning of terariums.
  7. Thank You for Your message. Do You still have mites on Your roaches ? What kind of problems they do to Your roaches ? I am interested in collecting mites associated with roaches, diplopods, scorpions........... If You could tell me more about those mites, and, if you have them, send some mites to me, then perhaps I could tell You more. There are no much literature on that , You are right. Therefore this is more interesting for me. Ineta
  8. you had a beautifull cockroaches I saw! Did You get them from a wild ? And did You saw any mites on them ?
  9. Hello! I am acarologist - that's mean, I am working with mites. Main group of my interest is Mesostigmata mites. BUT - I very like cockroaches, and have several species as pets. I have found and identified some mite species related to cocroaches. Probably some of you also have found them on cockroaches ? Some groups are parasites, but some are just "passengers" on roaches.
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