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  1. Well, yes, I think that dryness should help, because as I know from my expierence, mites like wet conditions. of course, extreme water amount is not ok as well, but they cann't survive in dry conditions.

    As well as food , especialy not fresh food of cockroaches very like various mites. So, from my cockroach keeping expierence I know, that it is better more frequent cleaning of terariums.

  2. Thank You for Your message.

    Do You still have mites on Your roaches ? What kind of problems they do to Your roaches ?

    I am interested in collecting mites associated with roaches, diplopods, scorpions...........

    If You could tell me more about those mites, and, if you have them, send some mites to me, then perhaps I could tell You more.

    There are no much literature on that , You are right. Therefore this is more interesting for me. :)


  3. Hello!

    I am acarologist - that's mean, I am working with mites. :)

    Main group of my interest is Mesostigmata mites.

    BUT - I very like cockroaches, and have several species as pets.

    I have found and identified some mite species related to cocroaches. Probably some of you also have found them on cockroaches ?

    Some groups are parasites, but some are just "passengers" on roaches. :)

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