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  1. Sundablatta sexpunctata (Hanitsch, 1923) Can be find in S. Peninsula Malaysia, Singapore to Sumatra. This is the other species collected from E. Malaysia http://www.roachforum.com/index.php?showtopic=2291
  2. Yes, they are metallic green-blue colour. I only keep one species, others are dry specimences.
  3. Yes, they are always found in pair. Where is the partner? oh... I think both of them are living with me now...
  4. Sundablatta pulcherrima (Shelford, 1906) An active roach from Sabah, Borneo. Alway in pair on the surface of rotten wood.
  5. Here are my Eucorydia collections in China this year. How wonderful they are!!
  6. Actually, Panesthia and Salganea are very easy to keep. Rotten wood + hypha of mushroom is the Main course plus a little bit apple and dog food once two week is useful. Soft Rotten wood is better than harder one.
  7. How about Dorylaea flavicincta de Haan, 1842 from Taiwan?
  8. Always have bad impression in Indonesian region... especially the immigration and some local people.. So I prefer to travel alone in Malaysia and Thailand~ SE. Asia is quite easy to go for me~ U just need to make ur date, and txt me~~ I always make the anniversary schedule in the end of last year. So, please inform me earlier. I think it would be nice to travel with u. But my english is very bad, just like the first year we met on intenet~~ haha
  9. That`s male Catara rugosicollis (Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1865) Actually, this time, I saw both C. r. and C. minor Krauss, 1902, but the later one is too active, and fly away before I took picture. The females just mimic Tenebrionidae. both form and smell, very intresting. Purpose~~ roaches, phasmids, and mantids.. but it`s too bad for the rain season... So I will visit again in Oct. Wanna join me? Kinabalu is in Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia~~ not China. Don`t worry, haha
  10. Max. single upload size: 3.87K It`s quite difficult to post anything.... C other pics link to here http://bbs.nature-china.net/viewthread.php...;extra=page%3D1
  11. Just back from Kinabalu N.P., Sabah, Borneo. Raining causes very bad harvests~~ It`s not good to visit in rain season, even it`s a tropical area~~
  12. Just back from China. A nice trip for roaches I don`t keep Megacrania at present, they are terrible big eaters... and I put more attention on roaches now.
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