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  1. I think it`s a good idea to release the one you found, but the G.rosea(Chilean Rose Hair ) you are going to buy, is probably WC too. G.rosea grow extremly slow, and petshops want to buy animals they can sell right away. Can you post a picture of the one you cought? If it`s a male, it won`t live for long, and will serve the nature if you release it. If it`s a female, you might consider keeping it, but it`s up to you. Regards Robin
  2. That spider is incredibly cool. Do you know what size it is? Is it in the hobby? regards Robin
  3. Neostylopyga rhombifolia or my hissers. They are all so cool Regards Robin
  4. Pictures of my new culture of Gromphadorhina portentosa http://www.bidabug.org/Forum/index.php?sho...;st=0#entry2470 They are realy different from the ones I already have...... Regards Robin
  5. Another bulk of Gromphadorhina portentosa (Of course they look completely different in both color and size from the ones I already have ) Regards Robin
  6. My latest addition: Elliotorhina Chopardi Neostylopyga rhombifolia (These guys are FAST! Almost impossible to take pictures while handling them)
  7. Thanks alot for the reply Keith I realy need to make a display enclosure for some of my roaches Regards Robin
  8. Some new pics. They are very active, and always visible in their enclose. Compared to my Princisia vanwaerebecki "BIG BLACK" that never leaves thir retreat during day. regards Robin
  9. Yesterday I found something called water gel or something at my local garden shop. The description was something like" Can holde water for flowers up 14 days" or something. I don`t know what it is made from, and tought i might contain fertilizer or something other harmful to my roaches... Any oppinion? Some "safe" brands? Regards Robin
  10. Wow! This is very interesting to read Maybe something similar to the old Human Canibal tribes?( Didn`t they eat their enemy to get their powers or something?) Maybe the roaches know that other roaches are a god source of protein /minerals/vitamins ? Anyway, thanks alot for the answers! Orion McMoniqle I`m considering to buy that article,but yesterday I recived your books about Giant Tarantulas and Giant Centipedes. In addition I ordered 8 other books from Amazoon.com about different invertebrates a month ago, I think I have enought to read just now Regards Robin
  11. Some questions have troubled my mind the past days.. Do roaches have some kind of hierarchy? Is it like the wolfes with an Aplha male/female? Is it like the ants with some kind of queen person.(for instance like one female/male that will dominate the rest of the culture is some kind of way? Or just is more attractive to mate with for some reason?) Are they all like singel indivuals living togheter, no ranking, no responsibilities? Is it normal for males to fight each other to be the one to mate with that femal? If so, is there normal with casualties? Will females mate with differe
  12. Thanks for all the replies I will get some new pictures as soon as I get some power on my digital camera again. *Charging. . . . . . * Megaloblatta To track down the orgin of the cilture willbe almost impossible. I bought them from a German (breeder I belive. He had 100 for sale.) on a gathering in Sweeden. His did not understand english very well, and I don`t speak german, so we agreed price and amount by nodding and counting fingers He gave me a piece of paper with the name of the species. When one dies, I will send it to you, grateful for that offer Please excuse my lacking
  13. Hi! I bought some of this roaches as Gromphadorhina portentosa. Is this correct? I have seen pictures of Gromphadorhina portentosa that looks different Hello.... Regards Robin
  14. I enjoyed the questions and aswers i this post. Feel much more secure about how to care for my hissers now
  15. Roachfreak101 Yeah, I listen to (ALOT including) Rammstein,Nine Inch Nails,KMFDM,Laibach,Ministry,Apoptygma Berzherk,Suicide commando,Wupmscut and many many more including Black/Death/Heavy Metal. Chris Driggers I should have taken your warning more seriusly, I now got Gromphadorhina portentosa Princisia vanwaerebecki (Big Black) And are waitng for Mr.mailman to deliver: Neostylopyga rhombifolia Elliotorhina chopardi and more Gromphadorhina portentosa In addition to the roaches I had from before I`m Doomed..... Regards Robin
  16. Poecilotheria regalis VS Blaberus sp. Matrix style Scolopendra subspinipes Vanuatu VS Blaberus sp Grammostola rosea VS Blaberus sp Regards Robin
  17. Chris Driggers Thank you. Belive I need to get us a bigger apartment soon Orin McMoniqle I have A LOT of questions that needs answers before I can try to make that enclosure Regards Robin
  18. Hello. My name is Robin, I`m 24 years old an live i Norway togheter with my girlfried.(Who by the way love all of my animals ) For about 1 year I have kept roaches for the purpose of feeding my other animals. Now I consider to create a beautiful looking enclosures for at least one of the roach species I keep. Today I keep: 1.1 Leopard Geckos, Eublepharis Macularis About 60 tarantulas 5 centipedes A uknown number of B.dubia,Blaberus sp. and Nauphoeta cinerea. Aside from keeping "exotic" animals, I like music(almost everything, but most Industrial,black, death), movies ,photog
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