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  1. I have to agree with Orin... I feed mine fish food also...also throw apples, carrots, etc. in there. I have had success with a small amount of bananna baby food... I might try putting some rotten wood logs in the cage for the egg cases to be laid on... the majority of my egg cases have been laid onto the bedding...one was glued to the eggcrate... I think they would REALLY benefit from a rotten wood log to lay there egg cases on... Good luck...these are one of my favorite species... Graham
  2. LOL- they are a great species. I hvae had 2 more eggcases hatch over the past few months. The colony is finally beginning to get established. Graham
  3. Yes, I forgot about the free boxes that USPS will send you...although they aren't the nice styro lined ones, they still work fine during certain temps...plus they'll send you free labels and tape....
  4. Maybe we could get this thread posted as a sticky..... I the invert hobby there are supplies that we all use but few people actually know where to find them... it's taken me years to "discover" them. A great example are the plastic invert vials... Thornton plastics produces them and offers 9 different sizes! When you order, it's a huge box...it's nice to split an order with someone... Or all the deli cups..Superior Enterprise sells ALL your shipping needs, including a new SMALL styro lined box that is PERFECT for shipping inverts in. And lastly, a few days ago I discovered a really cool site that sells beetle breeding supplies (books, bedding, beetle jellies, etc!!!). I have talked with them in emails and they seem extremely nice (they come reccomended from a friend). We can buy Beetle Jelly here in the US from Orin here on the site and Double D's, but If you need an entire case, Kingdom of Beetle seems like the place to go (and they offer a really cool beetle jelly cup slicer)! I'm going to add these links to my website in a Resource/Supply section: Thornton Plastics http://www.thorntonplastics.com/ Manufacturer of asst. sized plastic vials which are perfect for field collecting, housing and shipping invertebrates. Superior Enterprise http://superiorenterprise.com/ Supplier of deli cups, insulated shipping boxes, heat/cold packs, snake bags, etc. Kingdom of Beetle Taiwan http://screw-wholesale.myweb.hinet.net/ Supplier of Beetle Jelly and all your beetle breeding supplies. Great people! Can any think of other suppliers I should add?
  5. Gsc


    Hey Ralph, Welcome to the fourm. Yep, most of the roach people in the hobby hang out here...great group! I agree with Orin... Blaberus giganteus is a VERY impressive species. Orin recently sent me a picture of a B. giganteus with a wingspan of 145mm+... WOW is all you can say. I have Orin's bloodline- they are 100% pure...the best I've ever seen (you can pm him here or email from his website: http://www.angelfire.com/oh3/elytraandantenna/ )...I've had other bloodlines in the past but they never reached as large at this one. I have no experience with Blaberus fusca- sorry (so my opinion is only based on my personnal experience with B. giganteus). James at Blaberus.com is a good guy/friend with great roaches...you can always ask him if he can get you sexed subadults. Welcome.... Graham
  6. It's always nice to put names with faces...lets see everyone.
  7. Gsc


    Yes, there is another Therea in culture that has swirly/question mark patterns on its wings instead of the Domino spots. You should also show your mother a pictures of the Glowspot Roaches... they are awesome...Can't Fly... smaller than hissers... long lived... slow moving.... Graham
  8. Gsc


    Welcome- It's wonderful that you are so enthusiastic about insects. When I was your age it was 100% reptiles (although I did have 1 tarantula when I was 15)... Years later I have an entire room full of inverts and reptiles... it's a fun hobby. Peoples (including MANY mothers) have a bad perception about roaches...they don't realize that only a few are considered a pest species and the rest come in amazing colors, shapes and sizes.... You'll be 18 soon enough...just hold on for a few more years. Welcome... Graham
  9. Does anyone have any target species they are after this year? I've been dying to get some G. oblongata and Panesthia sp. roaches... I should have at least the G. oblongata coming and hopefully (keeping fingers crossed) some Panesthia.... plus maybe a few more suprises. Hopefully this year I'll see most of my colonies take off...most of the roaches have finally matured...now it's just a matter of time (hopefully) before the colonies start producing... Very exciting.... especially once the glowspots start dropping young!!!!!!
  10. I added a few more pics and was able to fix/add a few page links... still TONS of work left to do... but it's getting there.
  11. AWESOME- Those are some of my favorite species!!!!
  12. Thanks Keith- I appreciate the comments... LOL- yes, I also love pirates so the avatar fits me well... funny! Yoruf riend, Graham
  13. Hey Roachsmith! I don't have any good pics of the A. insignis currently, BUT here is a link to the photogallery here on the Allpet Roach Forum to a thread that Matt K posted showing some different hissers... the LAST photo in the group (I believe it's #7...anyways, it's the last one) is one of the BEST photos of an A. insignis that I've seen...Matt K is a wonderful photographer. Yoru friend, Graham
  14. Thanks Peter- Yes, A few years ago I had the site: Strange Cargo Inverts selling just invertebrates.. it was a much prettier site (paid a friend to make it). No problem about the links- I just added the links to all my friends- y'all all have great sites and great service. I just finished sending all my website files to my girlfriends sister who does web design...she wants to "spice" it up... I'm excited. There sure is alot of work that goes into a website. My next goal is to beign taking pics of all the animals I have listed... In the future I'd love to start adding articles on care, breeding, etc... so that the site can become a resource.. Thanks again for the nice comments.... Your friend, Graham
  15. I only have a few nymphs so my experience is limited. Keep them in a cage with a deep rotten wood/leaf substrate (~5"-6" would be great). Depending on the species you can supplement thier rotten wood diet with some dog food kibble and fresh fruit (they usually don't pay much attention to it though). Keep somewhat moist...the deep substrate will allow a natural moisture gradient. Nymphs may take a few years to reach adulthood. Adults can live 3-5 years I believe. Very cool species... you are really lucky to be able to find them. Good luck, Graham
  16. Well I got a small group (10) shortly after making the initial post... Pretty impressed...a few of the 'older" ones where as large as I was really expecting.... I've been offshore working for the past week and a half, but will be home the beginning of next week... I'll be keeping an eye out for babies. They are currently hosued in a 2.5 gallon tank with rotten wood substrate (covered with a layer of moss for hiding spots/moisture retention).... I'll probably move the group to a larger tupperware container so I can get a large colony going. I'll keep everyone informed on my success or faliure with these guys. Thanks for the advice/info everyone.
  17. Thanks so much Fredrik...just checked my email. the pictures are wonderful!
  18. I understand Matt- I love to get 12-20 when starting a colony- just gives you a tad of a head start. But of course I'm trying to establish colonies as small as 1pr. currently.... I'll be darn proud one day if I get 50-100 out after starting with that single pair. I think people purchasing feeder/common species are buying in bulk nowadays because of availiability...but most of our collector species are being sold individually. Crap- I wish I could drop $300-$500 for 50 panesthia sp. to have an "instant colony" but they just aren't availiable. Liek you always tell me- Patience is important in the roach hobby... Graham
  19. Hello Everyone, I haven't had a website in a few years and was planning on having one built that features both my reptiles and my inverts. I have a crappy camera and am a horrible photographer (as you can see from pics I have posted in the past). If anyone has any pictures of the below species that they don't mind me using on the site, please email them to me at: gcriglow@gmail.com Please make sure to put your name on the photo so credit will be given where it's due. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here are the species I need pics of: Aeluropoda insignis Death’s Head Roach Blaberus craniifer Black wing form Giant Cave Roach Blaberus giganteus Ornate Velvet Roach Deropeltis paulinoi Banded Roach Ergaula capucina Zebra Roach Eurycotis decipiens Tiger Hisser Gromphadorhina grandidieri Horseshoe Crab Roach Hemiblabera tenebricosa Glowspot Roach Lucihormetica subcincta Lucihormetica verrucosa Rhinoceros Roach Macropanesthia rhinoceros Harlequin Roach Neostylopyga rhombifolia Panesthia angustipennis spadica Japan Egyptian Desert Roach Polyphaga aegyptica Polyphaga obscura Turkmenistan Question Mark Roach Therea sp. “grandjeani” Domino Roach Therea (Corydia) petiveriana
  20. Not completely sure since I didn't seperate out the egg cases and just left them in the cage...but I'm guessing maybe around 4 months... Thanks- I'm excited too... Graham
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