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  1. Oh, the wood i gave them wasnt from the trees we got cut down, it was from some rotten logs down the bush, i guess i'll just stick to that for now.
  2. how long does it need to be rotting? I chucked some rotten bits of wood in and they love them, there is saw dust everywhere from them eating, they have tunneled right through the wood. It should keep them going for a while
  3. we had lots of gum trees cut down a few months back and chipped, the chips have been used to mulch the garden, would that be ok to feed them?
  4. Just got about 17 of these today. Enjoy.
  5. also it may seem a stupid question but to what extent does the wood need to be rotten? Is it the soft wood that falls apart or is that to far gone? What about the wood debris from termites?
  6. i live in australia. The species i think is Panesthia australis. If this lot fails i will get more and try a different setup but hopefully the first time works. I got them this morn so will get some pics.
  7. also if anyone keeps them housing pics would be great
  8. a few guys i know have been finding roaches, pretty sure they are all Panesthia sp. Can someone tell me how to keep these guys? Housing, food etc. Cheers
  9. I'm actually trying to get a colony of Ellipsidion australe going. They are local to my area but hard to find, so far only have 1 but should find more. I agree it would be alot more exciting to raise a colony from just a few individuals than from a few hundred.
  10. I was looking on a site ages ago but cant remember it but it had pics of a roach that rolls into a ball much like a pill millipede for defence. Any idea what genus they are in?
  11. make sure when feeding eucalypt to your Macropanthesia you are not feeding the strongly scented types to them.
  12. thats about as good as i can get, my camera isnt the best for marco. Altho i can take one at higher resolution and crop it for you.
  13. if i lose a specimen will send it to the local museum.
  14. today i found 3 of these, if it was only one i would have left it but 3 gives me a good chance of both sexes and possibly some breeding. Found on sandy soil in cracks in wood. What should i keep them on, what to feed? Any idea on genus or species? Found in south east qld, australia.
  15. i live in South east qld, middle of the east aust coast.
  16. I would like to find some but no idea on what they look like or where to look. Any hints?
  17. mate of mine and me are thinking of coming to texas next year, we are mad into pantera and hellyeah, 2 great texas rock bands and wanna go to vinnie pauls smoker/grill for some awsome bbq spare ribs:P
  18. if i can get my hands on some, get them breeding and get 2nd gen captive bred then i can legally export.
  19. if you ever come to aus give me a yell and i will take ya round some places.
  20. Just wondering how i can trap roaches, i live in aus and wanna introduce some more native species to the hobby. After some of the attractive flying ones and also flightless sp.
  21. one i would love to get is Polyzosteria sp http://www.amonline.net.au/factsheets/images/cockroach2.jpg
  22. the selenotholus glenelva that your getting may have been bred by me, not 100% sure but that waht a mate told me. Also the exporter another mate, getting more t's from him soon. At the moment all i have in roaches is Macropanesthia rhinoceros. where would i find Panesthia sp? Any pics? Would really like to get some colorful roaches like some of the species you guys get.
  23. Yes in the recent years the unusual pet trade had really taked off. Most pet stores sell scorps, spiders, stick inscts, roaches, reptiles or some sort of unusual pet these days. Unfortunatly with the scorps and spiders 90% would still be wildcaught. I know WC roaches still are getting round but not sure if it would still be the majority. I'm working on captive breeding of many aussie species of scorps, pedes and roaches. Just working on getting my founder specimens at the moment.
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