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  1. I have a bearded dragon. Pacman frog and a tegu. From what im reading. I may just go with portentosa for a " treat feeder". Do portentosas do well when they are overcrowded in a colony like dubias?
  2. I already have a colony of dubias for my herps but I would like to change it up and get another colony of hissers. Do you guys know which hisser species breeds the fastest? thanks.
  3. So im looking into Fusca, these look really nice, they get bigger which is a plus but does anyone have any real info if they do indeed live as long as dubia or longer? Im all about the lifespan of my feeders thanks guys
  4. Yea Psydeus, thats what I was thinking... Besides the bark and leaves, im not really supplying any other food so I'll try to throw some fish flakes in there here and there and see what happens. The numbers are good, not overpopulated at all. I wonder if the antenna's will regenerate? Do isopods have that ability?
  5. Several of my isopods have been losing their antenna? What could be wrong? I have tropical springtails, orange isopods, giant canyon isopods all in 1 tank. Humidity at 70%. There is Oak bark and oak leaves along with eco earth and moss as a substrate. Temp is 80 degrees. any suggestions? thanks.
  6. thanks I will try the rocks and/or mesh idea
  7. I have researched many conflicting information on Dubia roaches and room temperature. (I know you need a heat mat for maximum breeding results). The question I pose to ask is, Can dubia roaches breed at room temperature? say around 70F to 75F. without additional heating. I want my roaches to breed slower due to the low amount of animals I have to feed them off. (I already cull extras by freezing them and using them another day/ and also give some away. But without going into all the detail, its just a simple question, can they breed "at all" in room temp? Thanks! And I love this forum, im so addicted.
  8. i have some dwarf whites, giant canyons, and spanish oranges, would it be not advisable to put them all in the same container, I know some people may not like mixing them but would it create problems in any way shape or form? thanks.
  9. I have my isopods in a 5 gallon aquarium. I am worried if they can climb up the white silicon/glue vertically up the corners of the tank? Have you guys experienced them being able to do this? or should i not worry about them getting out that way? thanks.
  10. yea I should have added hissers but as far as i know they arent really looked upon as a feeder due to their hard shell and they can climb etc. any other feeders you guys can think of that lives for 2 years or longer?
  11. I know that dubia roaches live up to like 2 years. My question is there any other feeder roaches that live fairly long or just as long?
  12. I just bought a small colony of 100 mixed dubia 7 days ago, I have them in a medium sized plastic bin and a small heat mat on 1 side. 75 degrees on 1 side and 90 degrees on other. I have new fresh egg crates in there and the bin is clean. I currently feed them crushed up dog food and slices of potato for water. humidity is at 50 %. They were doing great for 7 days. And then I woke up this morning and 90% of them were on there backs looking like they are dieing. I read online that it is okay to feed them green beans, so last night i put some french style green beans out of the can inside there for them to eat, (no salt added all natural). Im thinking they are dieing because of this... which i though green beans are okay? any suggestions or ideas? thanks.
  13. Hello, my friend lives in Maine and I live in Louisiana. I will be sending him some blaptica dubia nymphs priorty mail. Do you think I will need a heatpack for them? Or is there another way around this? thanks.
  14. Yup, I just sent him a message through the roachforum and to his email, Ill tell you what he says.
  15. What do you guys think of these? They get up to 18mm and dont need as much humidity. Have you guys ever heard of them? Id like to get my hands on them and start a colony here is the link http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=htt...9US303%26sa%3DN
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