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  1. Good looking guy there! He will provide a strong breed... Nice reddish coloring. Some write Oblongata, others Oblongonota. What is actually correct? Did you take a picture from the side? Just want to compare with my own. BR/ Ole
  2. The different species of the genus Gromphadorhina (or 'princisia' for that matter) should never be mixed as you will almost certainly get hybrids. You can refer to the article in Invertebrates Magazine 8-1, December 2008, p. 10, about G. oblongonota. Pictures by 'our own' Matt. So why has the name 'princisia' not been droppet since it is 'just' another Gromphadorhina?? BR/ Ole
  3. Thanks for these interesting info. Hope you both will update us as you gain more experience. If you get more photos, you shall be very welcome... Did anybody find sp. White in Europe? I will try my German channels to see if there is any luck over here... BR/ Ole
  4. Have you noticed whether sp. White dig into the substrate like distanti or they stay more visible like posticus? Are they heavy wing biters like posticus? Observations on their mating behavior? BR/ Ole
  5. Getting water from eating vegetables or fruit is ok and enough if given regularly. So vegetable baby food should also be ok. As an experiment you might consider giving them water in a small bowl with pepples in it? You might get a quick reaction... Are we talking about several species or a single one? Different species seems differently interested in access to water. BR/ Ole
  6. Hi James, It makes your comments better understood. It was like a quick shot and you got lucky! Are you using white cloth in your terrarium/tank decorations? BR/ Ole
  7. Hi James, Since no rules and yet a lot of thumbrules really applies to photography, these can only be suggestions. In the end each person has their own taste and methods. Since the foreground is special by being white the little not moulting cousin by the end disturbs a bit. If at all possible it could have been gently 'pursuaded' to take a walk. (You could tell us about how you arranged the white foreground because the effect is quite efficient.) It looks like the focus point is at the hind leg. In most cases you would focus as exactly as possible on the eye - for some reason that appeals to humans since we are quite eye focused - unless the portraying was of a birth or some other specific reason. When the portrait is the whole animal you may want to get as much focus depth as possible. If you use a smaller aperture, ie. a higher number like 14-18 you will increase the depth where all is sharp. However, it will demand more of your flash. If the flash is not providing enough light, you can add a 'slave' flash that fires when triggered by another flash (the one on the camera). If the 'slave' is placed pointing against the roach from the side, some of the shadows might disappear and soften the tones. Other systems has connected flashes that fires simultaneously so they can be placed from different sides and angles freely. The systems have become very smart and there are equipment that can ruin us. Other forums are specialized to judge one's pictures, but I do not care for the tone. The critics are very hard. The use of photoshop is extensive and sometimes you get the feeling that the picture becomes obsolete when you cannot trust what you see. In our forum it is all about sharing - and thanks for that! Hope this can inspire you a little. Best weekend wishes from Ole
  8. Nice collection and good pictures. You did not write names, so... Picture No. two from the top - what species is that? BR/ Ole
  9. Nice white 'ghost'. Fascinating when all is white except for a few parts. Did you also want some suggestions for improving a picture like this? BR/ Ole
  10. Are the sp. White behaving like distanti or more like posticus?? Will they become a new species or are they a colour variant of distanti?? BR/ Ole
  11. So in the bottom of the container, the concentration of pheromones becomes higher than normal making the males react in a non-rational manner that confuses them in the task to seek and mate? Could you test the theory by enabling a small ventilation when they start to frenzy - just to see if they cool down somewhat or it continues? BR/ Ole
  12. Thanks for that warning. At least once a week my culture of E. distanti is going nuts around dusk. The adults emerge from their soil and sprint around chasing before the mating. But until now there was no flying. So I will keep the lid on while the hormones are flying and keep an eye to see if also the males will take off. Is there an explanation to this behaviour - like new DNA if many males are attracted? Their tank is not so big - could that be making it hard to get the wings airborne? BR/ Ole
  13. Deep freezing is considered to be a non-stressful and rather humane way to put away invertebrates. It is my preferred too. Even the phorid flies have to give in.... But if other invertebrates needs food, there is also an opportunity to "adjust" the culture a little bit... BR/ Ole
  14. No, in the example where a 100 Watt bulb is needed, it would be replaced by an approx. 20 Watt energy saving bulb, which then only gives off 20 Watt, but of course that is because only their light concentration, Lumen, is comparable. So the poor roaches will get a lot of light, but not the same heat. People also complain that the light color of the has become more white-ish as from similar flourescent sources. We prefer the more yellow-ish light and consider it more cosy = maybe a reminiscense from our days as hunters since a fire-place is always perceived as cosy. BR/ Ole
  15. With two bulbs for one culture it must be a fairly large culture? But here in Denmark we have an issue with the energy consumption. The energy price of one kiloWatt per hour [kWh] is approx. 0.36 USD. In the US it is much less, but we have 25% VAT, CO2 tax and a long list of other taxes (it is a long bill). So 2 bulbs of 100 Watts each is 0.2 kWh when lit and they run 24/7 meaning: Cost per year for one culture: 0.2 * 24 * 365 * 0.36 = 630 USD/yr. I think the roach-room central heating will be kept at approx. 75 F or one could start to experiment with mating and feeding in relation to higher temperature. Since I do not need to keep up production to get feeding animals, the reproduction rate is not as important. 100 Watt bulbs are now forbidden in UK, but soon we all have to give them up within EU. In a number of years all standard bulbs will disappear and only energy-saving bulbs (or rather flourescent tubes) will be left... BR/ Ole
  16. But Peter, since you work nights, either you bring the roaches with you or you work from home.... Why do you feed in a shoe box? Is it dark inside or ...? Thanks for the advice. I prefer to wait raising the moisture level until the phorid flies are gone - hopefully... When you use the term "egg crate" - what meaning do you put into that? BR/ Ole
  17. For how long time a day do you keep the bulb lit?? Since heat is good for digestion and breeding there must also be a certain minimum time for the effect to work .... BR/ Ole
  18. Since the big males mark their territory every night, do you separate them thus getting one "family" in one container or maybe that would be unnatural since a little competition keeps the males fit and alert? On the other hand they would have room for a larger territory in nature. The tree roots in their terrarium is where they hang out. They get down to the food dishes during the night. Do you provide food (hanging) in the stub? BR/ Ole
  19. BugmanPrice, Thanks for the advice. Did you remove any food from the menus in your cultures?? I ask because it might seem that moist food will attract the flies more (once being in). BR/ Ole
  20. Sorry to bring this rather old thread back to life, but the subject is also very relevant here. I have cleaned out all terrariums, used fine net on a frame of wood and set up two UV-lights, but still the phorid flies keeps coming back. I have heard they are difficult to get rid of. I got them in with a culture of A. tesselata, that was kept very, very humid. Can lowering the general humid level help? They can smell a dead roach through a platic box. If the corpse is within a closed container, the phorid flies will still assemble outside the box in dozens. I want to make a trap. Any good models or designs, that can be recommended? The enthusiasm for invertebrates does not extend to phorid flies! My wife gave a good one, though: "Why do you keep them (phorid flies) in separate tanks? Isn't it better with one tank for them alone?" She knew - just wanted to get me.... BR/ Ole
  21. OBJ


    One foot should not be enough, but you can examine his exoskeleton for any ruptures or cracks. That will also be good for you to observe that he is well...! BR/ Ole
  22. Not so many votes as yet. -------------- Evolutionist - thats where the single vote (so far) came from.... -------------- Do not see any point in involving God. I listened to a lecture of a physicist, who was able to phrase it right (at least for me): Belief starts when physics ends. If you know a lot of physics, it may come later and like with primitive tribes it will begin very early as when they look at a pretty stone. So ultra short: I have chosen not to involve God because I simply believe that the brain of Man is yet too small to comprehend the bigger picture of it all. Consolation: The human brain grows at a speed of 40,000 extra brain cells per generation... When I look around, nobody has the capacity to explain where we came from and certainly nobody can predict where we will be in "only" one million year. "Only", because one million years is nothing compared to infinity and the evolution of the universe. And we are just sitting here confined on a planet looking into the universe with small binoculars trying to look for traces of Big Bang and life on other planets because scientists believe life can evolve on other planets if they have similar conditions to Earth. At the same time men with big nuts wanting to rule the world is behaving like they own it all driving everybody to move in the direction of selfdestruction to provide extra for the greedy. Future generations is of no importance because the perspective of such people are too short to see beyond their own death. They pay to the church and feel holy and say they believe in God, but they are not prepared to save His creation anyway. So my pessimism ends with the only thing that keeps us out of the madhouse: Humour - and who better than Monty Python with Eric Idle to set it in perspective (the two last lines are my favourites = a good point) : The Galaxy Song Just remember that you're standing on a planet that's evolving And revolving at nine hundred miles an hour, That's orbiting at nineteen miles a second, so it's reckoned, A sun that is the source of all our power. The sun and you and me and all the stars that we can see Are moving at a million miles a day In an outer spiral arm, at forty thousand miles an hour, Of the galaxy we call the 'Milky Way'. Our galaxy itself contains a hundred billion stars. It's a hundred thousand light years side to side. It bulges in the middle, sixteen thousand light years thick, But out by us, it's just three thousand light years wide. We're thirty thousand light years from galactic central point. We go 'round every two hundred million years, And our galaxy is only one of millions of billions In this amazing and expanding universe. The universe itself keeps on expanding and expanding In all of the directions it can whizz As fast as it can go, at the speed of light, you know, Twelve million miles a minute, and that's the fastest speed there is. So remember, when you're feeling very small and insecure, How amazingly unlikely is your birth, And pray that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space, 'Cause there's bugger all down here on Earth. -------------------- BR/ Ole PS. At the risk of stirring up something: We are told here in Europe that "Intelligent Design" have only become a topic in US as a mean to make the people Christian again.
  23. On the fair 2 weeks ago in Hamm, Germany, I bought some G. oblongonota. Good, strong looking individuals and they were stored in their small boxes in a styrophor-box in the bus for the return-journey to Denmark. The strongest male was in the bottom together with two females with 3 boxes on top of them. But the journey is long (>8 hours) so if you are an impatient male - what can you do? When we came back the bus driver discovered a "huge roach" in the luggage compartment, but he did not panic - he has tried it before... The oblongonota male had pushed open his plastic container with 3 on top, squeezed himself out and opened the big styrophor box and was free. Probably the cold slowed him down. But in the styrophor box was also one of his females. At home he showed me the trick again (see photo). Making a lot of noise with the hooks on his legs and using his horns he pushed one corner open and escaped again. He measures 94 mm bodylength and is 32 mm wide. Upon return from Hamm he weighted 22 grammes. Every night he fights the other male. They refurnish the cage - lots of commosion and moving corkbark around.. Sorry the pics were snapshots - he was quicker than one might think. BR/ Ole
  24. Exactly, and the latest scandal being melamine in baby milk (less than fortunate to put it mildly) done in a certain, very big country in Asia.... But maybe your USDA is very difficult to get such products by?
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