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  1. Well he is no cockroach.. ...but here is my new little nymph......Liam Thomas Johnson....Born Feb. 19th at 4:15 am...7lbs 10oz.....21in long. WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO Buddylee79
  2. Hello everyone.....Just wanted to tell everyone that a 9pm my girlfriend will be induced and Liam Thomas Johnson will be born...The wait is almost over.. buddylee79
  3. Happy Thanksgiving roach fans...I hope it is a great day for all...... Buddylee79
  4. I just wanted to say thank you to all the men and women past, present, and future willing to put their lives on the line for me. HAPPY VETERANS DAY....Thank You.. Buddylee79
  5. Just got 4 of these little beaut's and thought I'd post a pic....
  6. Thanks...cant wait for some babies though......
  7. It looks like a tiny zinger snack cake.........
  8. Well...I wish I could contribute this week but I currently do not have this species. I am hoping for some good info though, knowing I will in the future....If Zepher is the only "contestant" I wonder what next weeks will be..... Matt, surely you have them...How about a little input, and maybe some pics. buddylee79
  9. Hey thanks...I will give them a try, and keep you posted on my success....if any buddylee79
  10. How does one keep them? I have never kept crickets of any kind, so any advice is appreciated.
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