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  1. How can you tell if a male is ready to breed? Wings? If they have wings can they reproduce? I dont want to take out to many males and limit production.
  2. I have since finished a room out for my Dragon breeding bins and have put my roaches in the room. I now have the temps between 80-90 all the time. The only smell i have now is probably just the amount of roaches i have. Hoping that production pics up! The cool side is mid Seveties, but the warm side stays between 80-90. Thanks for all the input guys. Im still new at this, but i want my colonies to strive! Planning on selling them after i raise up and sell my Dragons,of which i have sold 23. Only 25 more to go!
  3. I think i might have mad a mistake when i initially got my roaches. My male to female population was out of control, in my opinion. I set the population at as close to 1 to 4 as i could. In doing that i may have taken to many of the breeding males out. Question? If they have wings are they of age to reproduce? I have a lot of roaches and they are not putting out as many babies as id hoped! I have 48 Bearded Dragon babies im trying to feed and cant produce enough babies.... I havnt counted individually but im guesssing ive got 20,000 at tleast. I have 2 30 gal totes full! Ive seen i know hundreds of females in each tote. I was figuring with that many females i should have thousands a month! Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Thank you Brandon. I have had a couple of females die, that was the only one that hatched those flies. ive been bagging the ones up to check and see if it was a problem. going to start a new post on breeding. im not producing babies as fast as i think i should so i thought id make a post and see what i can learn.
  5. Smiley, I really appreciate your input. Very helpful explanation. I keep the humidity as good as i can in my enclosure, i have a bowl of water which my adult doesnt really pay attension to except to poo in it every once in a while.. I also mist her at least once daily sometimes twice and bathe her once a week or so. I have also been researching gout causes. My next batch of food may include some Cat/ Dog food in it. Maybe do a 50/50 base with Cat/Dog food and Chicken feed. Thank You.
  6. I added some Cornmeal to my mix, they seem to like it a lot better.
  7. Forcep, Im not convinced but I have had some breeeders tell me not to use Dog food. Im using my Dubia's as feeders and want the best nutrition for my Dragons. Im still new to the Roach World, mainly dont want to cause any health problems for my Dragons. I was told to much protien, or animal byproducts could cause gout in my Dragons.
  8. I am trying to save money where i can, that being said i need some idea's on ingredients to put in a dry food mix. My preference is to not use cat or dog food so im looking for Idea's on what to add to my mixture and not break the bank. Right now im using hen laying chicken pellets, oats, and cornflakes. Im trying to keep my protien content below 15%. i grind it all up together to break down the pellets. Right now they eat it but arent excited about it. I was buying from a dealer and they absolutly loved his mix, i wish i had his ingredients!
  9. Well the smell is in order, but ive still had a few dying. One was an adult female she was just laying there dead, so i got her out and put her in a sandwich bag. In a day or so i found a smaller female also dead so i put her in the bag. a couple days later i noticed knats in the bag... just wondering how this happend? There was no knats in the bag before, then knats. Could they have been what killed her? I havnt noticed a lot of knats in the bin, Had a few when i first bought them, cleaned the bins out good havnt noticed very many since.
  10. I have now had my Dubia's for a little over a Month. I was buying chow from a breeder, the cost was really getting up there do to the fact ive got 20 to 30,000. So i started investigating what would be a good mixture. My first mix has consisted of 50lbs bag of Hen Laying Chicken Feed 15% protien, 2 boxes of corn flakes at the local UGO grocery and a box of Oats. Mixed it all together and seems to be working good! It costed me $16 for Chicken Feed and about $10 for the Corn Flakes, Oats. For a total of $26 for 60lbs of food! i was paying $15 for 5lbs before. I also feed fresh fruit once a week. I use Water Crystals for hydration and moisture. What do you guys think?
  11. yes i do have screen on the lids for circulation.
  12. Im still new to breeding but i just took an out of control Dubia colony off a guys hands to use for feeders for my Bearded Dragons. i would guess ihave 20 to 30k. I have 2 35 gal totes i keep them in for breeding and a 20 gal tote at the moment im putting small nymphs in for food. I had a smell but i think i have figured it out. i did a clean out to freshen up the totes took all the small ones out for food probably had 5 to 10k small ones.
  13. I havnt been breeding roaches long but i found a great place to get heaters that work Great on totes! www.southtexasdragons.com. He makes his own heaters that he sells, says they last a long time with no problems. if you go on his site he has a dubia roach button at the top of page. there you can find the heaters. may not work for what you got but i thought id throw it out there for you.
  14. I have been on this sit freakwently since I joined. I messed with the temperature a little bit to find a facinating responce. my room temp was around 74 to 78 degrees, i have heaters on both my 35 gal totes. my house stays at around 68 to 70 degrees, so after reading several posts on here i decided to turn off the extra heat in my roach room for a test. The smell was gone! i believe i was maybe keeping them to warm. What do you guys think?
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