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  1. Here's the best shot of one of mine They are very nice roaches!
  2. Thanks, Matt! Will they eat vegetables too or just oak leaves?
  3. I just got some of these guys last week as a birthday present (to myself ) and at the moment, they seem to be doing okay. I was wondering if there is anything particular about their care? They don't seem to want to eat fruit, just fish food.
  4. Thanks, Matt! I was worried they were overly difficult to keep or something.
  5. Is there any major difference in care for this species than a regular hisser? Also, is there a reason this species is so expensive slow like slow growth or limited reproduction?
  6. I know, I just like the way it looked and wanted to see if it was in the hobby. I'd rather have a group of live colloseus than this dried one anyway
  7. I'm not sure on the sex of the roach. It did get relisted sometime yesterday and now the size states that it is +60mm leading me to think it was bigger than previously advertised. Here is the auction link: Blatidae Very Big!!! Blaberus giganteus +60mm Peru!!!! You can sell dried or live roaches on ebay if they are labelled as reptile supplies. I was suprised to learn that, too!
  8. Coming for the poison dart frog hobby, I can totally agree with you. There are some animals that just don't need to be in captivity. As a kid, I remember a petshop I hung out at that had pill millipedes and Dendrobates leemanhi ordered every week. Both species always died rapidly, forcing the petshop to give refunds or replacments for them all. Eventually, they simply stopped carrying both species because the store owner did not feel right about that many animals dying. You don't hear about the millipedes all that often, but the frog mentioned is in fact critically endangered because of t
  9. Thanks! I just saw it and thought it looked interesting. Guess you know what species I'm after next...
  10. I found this on an ebay auction. The auction states that it was collected in Peru and that it is 60mm in length. It also calls it B. giganteus which doesn't seem right. Does anyone know what species it is?
  11. I would assume they are importing the leaves since they are $15 a bag. The aromatic eucalyptus are much cheaper when you see them sold around here. Also, my oldest rhino came from them, fed on the eucalyptus leaves. It is doing fine but hasn't eaten any eucalyptus leaves since it got here. I'm a cheapskate and feed them oak, magnolia, and carrots. They enjoy rainforst tortoise pellets too.
  12. You're doing great with the breeding! Keep it up!
  13. That is such a beautiful, sleek roach! They look almost unreal! Thanks for posting the photos.
  14. This is just a heads-up, but this stuff makes great roach food. Even my rhinos come to the surface for a nibble!
  15. Yep, you just have to be patient because of their slower breeding and growth rate. Double D's has some occassionally available.
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