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  1. Here are shots of the finished enclosure, and the two biggest males in the group....
  2. I'm busily working on a better enclosure. I'll get a pic when it's done, and take some shots of my males when I transfer them... Matt- Are you the same Matt K from Arachnoboards? I'm assuming so as it's apparently a small world when it comes to keeping roaches......
  3. Hi Orin, I will post some more pics for you. I'm not sure if my males are fully grown as I can't find much in the way of photograpic reference on them. I'm thinking about moving them to a tub with a bit of substrate and some layered cork bark. Hopefully that helps keep the humidity up a bit. I'll also add some pears to the already diverse menu they are getting. Thanks, Scott
  4. Hey all- I'm new to the forum and was looking for some help. I have an extensive tarantula collection, and have been raising several species of feeder roaches for a couple of years now. I'm starting to get very interested in roaches, and have just acquired a dozen large Gromphadorhina grandidieri (Tiger Hissers). I currently have them in a ten gallon tank with a basic bare bottom setup, similar to how you'd keep feeders. I want to do something more naturalistic and comfortable for them, as these will be my first "pet" species. I don't need "roach 101" LOL. I have all of the basics down, plenty of supplies, and all of my feeder colonies are thriving. What I am looking for is more along the lines of: 1- Substrate and decor recommendations to make a nice home that will look good and facilitate long lives and breeding. Info on humidity levels, misting substrate and if they are a species that would appreciate some rotted wood etc... 2- Specific foods that this species might appreciate. 3- Pics or descriptions of successful setups would be great. Thanks in advance, Scott PS- Here is a pic of one. They are real beauties!
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