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  1. uum. contacted a professional breeder and he said to get to my set up toot-sweet... I lost a female today. temp too hot even though humidity was correct. got them out into a tank temp 80 on a log. they are eating oatmeal/cat food.. but by two different breeders that cat food had too much protein. (they don't like dog food) im believing the temp was too high. not a good morning.
  2. I appreciate all the input but I guess I'm asking the wrong question? Is their metabolism slow like a tarantula or scorpion? Like I stated 1 tangerine in 3 weeks? I have 3 males and about 10 females. These are pets. I'm getting Turkish roaches as feeders for my "zoo" . Seems like everyone's roaches are eating but mine loll . Would it be wrong to bring them over for dinner lolll. Thanks so very much ?
  3. I have had tarantulas and scorpions for 15 years. Decided to get into hissing roaches. Grown males/females some juvenile . Had them about 3 weeks. Have only eaten 1 tangerine!? Rubbermaid 35 gallon . Temp 92 degrees. Water crystals, water bottle with holes drilled for humidity. I mist. Egg crates stacked horizontal. Ground dog, cat food, oatmeal, tetra fish food. While this is going on I'm getting shipment of Turkish roaches. I have done extensive research but can't find the secret remedy. I live in phoenix az. All ideas welcome. I have no pride?
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