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  1. I put the tank on our bed to take the pictures. How I care for them is simple. I used a mixture of some kind of coco husk stuff, I think it was cypress moss (light colored fluffy light moss material) and Bed A Best. When I first set it up I also mixed in dead leaves but that was over 5 years ago and I have not added anymore. I often think about adding more leaves but every time I think about it I am not around good source of leaves and as I said I have not ever added more and as you see the colony is doing well. Not sure if adding leaves would help or not. I once or twice a week pour some water on the right side of tank depending on how dry that spot looks. I feed them different things like baby carrots, potato parts, crackers of different types, slices of bread, old cereal, apple pieces and other things I can not think of at this time. This is how I been keeping them and it seems to be working for me. I do need to add more substrate for them and maybe a bigger enclosure. I used to have a decent collection of roaches but down size to just these when we turn my office into a play room so they mean a lot to me. I should try starting a colony of another small roach just have not decided on what yet. Thanks everyone for the great comments and for looking.
  2. This is after starting with a little over 20 (I think that's what I remember getting) small mixed nymphs five years ago. Until about 6 months ago the most adults I would have at one time was 10, but would have long periods with no adults. Now to many to count. It seem rocky at times threw these years but now it shows the wait was worth it. Really cool species, I love them!
  3. What magnification was the loop? Do you still use the macro setting on the camera? James
  4. caught a couple B.fusca molting and got some o.k. pictures of one of em'. I have a FUJIFILM FinePix A805 8.3 mega pixels it is a descent low cost camera. Used macro setting holding camera free hand and using a 3 led hand held flashlight for a light source. Again not great pix but still fun to look at. This camera will take some extremely great photos now and then. We want to buy a new one real bad but it hurts looking at the price tag of the nice ones we truly want.
  5. Finally had a Therea grandjeni mature and got this great picture of her.
  6. None of my roaches mess with water melon. I have tried a few times and always got the same result.
  7. Great photo, thank you for sharing.
  8. Cool photos, thanks for sharing. I like em' nice looking roaches.
  9. lol that's great. My daughter is about to turn 1 can not wait to get her into it.
  10. they may not be able to get into it because of smooth surfaces. I used sand paper to ruff mine up so my roaches could climb them.
  11. I agree with Matt. He was just stating who he had got his roaches from.
  12. Very attractive species. I know this is an old post but just had to comment.
  13. Than you. I would also like to say merry Christmas to everyone.
  14. I do not see how people can try to say that fusca and craniifer are the same. I have both and to me the fusca are bigger and act totally different. My fusca will keep on doing what ever it is they are doing when I open the tub but my craniifer immediately run and hide. I do find it interesting how many different "patterns" my fusca have, like most have some what of a "death head" and others do not. At the moment they are my favorite species I own. They do some goofy stuff, I call them my clowns. I am by no means an expert this is just my personal opinion and experience with them. What is it Zephyr that is throwing you off about them? James
  15. In your 5th photo here, is that P. nivea? So you still put petroleum jelly around the top even though they can fly? Is this the same way you would set up for Gyna?
  16. I need some advice on getting good photos. Maybe even ideas for some kind of white box with a light??? I get some OK photos now and then but nothing compared to what I have seen on here.
  17. Yes they are. That's what is throwing me off
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