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  1. I would like to ask whether anyone has had success with trapping wild Periplaneta Americana. If so, the types of trap used, and bait. Also, what type of locations you selected. Thanks
  2. I think it would be great to work with roaches in tv shows and commercials. Especially training them....
  3. I have them in a plastic storage tub, has egg cartons for shelter and ventilation. Pleased to say that they are now active and eating so I think I was too fussy with them. They never attempt to escape I think they are quite happy in their enclosure at around 22 deg cel.
  4. A good idea about the sponge. I have read a few different articles that mention German cockroaches preferring high humidity environments. However I think you are quite right that they are a tolerant species and will breed anywhere. I am fussing over them way too much. They rarely emerge from their egg carton hides and I haven't seen them feeding either.
  5. I am keeping german cockroaches in a closed container with some fine holes in the lid. I am quite paranoid about them escaping. They are on a reptile heat mat and there is very high humidity in the container. Are they tolerant of these kind of conditions ?
  6. N cinerea (we call them woodies in Australia anyway) are also not really capable of infesting as I have had plenty of escapes in the house and shed. They seem to appear on the walls and are then easily recaptured. I had a friend helping with sorting tubs one day in the shed and dropped a tub containing around a kg of them. Many were recaptured however there were many escapees however still did not infest.
  7. I have been reading up of different mutations of American & German roaches, also sounds very interesting. Especially the red eyed American.
  8. These ones breed quickly, the speckled feeder roaches. I breed a few of the pest species for private companies that need them for research from time to time. Apart from that breeding roaches for reptile industry.
  9. Ok sounds interesting...i keep speckled feeder roaches. And pest species where required for work purposes.
  10. Thanks very much for the reply and the information, much appreciated. I will certainly up the temperature a bit from what they are currently on, and also provide some fruit and dry dog food. I only managed to capture about three adults and about five nymphs. Also an egg case which I am not sure is viable as yet. Does anyone on this forum keep these or other pest species for different purposes ?
  11. Hi. I have the task of rearing some German cockroaches for work purposes ( need about 200), and it is my first time rearing this species. Does anyone have some general advice on getting the best results possible ? Currently maintaining the container at about room temp and ensuring the environment is humid. Diet is varied with dog food and fruit and vege scraps. Thanks.
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