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  1. Oh I keep them seperate in simple tubs at room temp (I know slower production but its what I can do right now) about 70 F. egg crates, no real substrate. I feed daily scraps of fruit and veg my dragon doesn't eat. They have a third of an orange for moisture. Same set up my B.Dubia have. I wouldn't put them together though. I wanna be able to track how my colonies are doing. They are both pets and feeders. I just got back into the Dubia, I have 10 of each kind of roach.
  2. Hi! I am fairly new here. I have B. Dubia and what I was told are Horseshoe Roaches. I was hoping to get some info on how to care for them to get the best health and reproduction. Do I really need to get leaves? If so, how do I make sure I am not bringing something in that will hurt them? Right now I have them set up the same as the B. Dubia.
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