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  1. Nice I was surprised how much my domino's grew in size These are next on my wishlist
  2. Saw this photo on flickr, the colouration is incredible! Anyone have any idea if their ever likely to become available? http://www.flickr.com/photos/wildernesscam...nvertsfromhell/
  3. So my giant banana roaches whichi thought had died out suddenly exsploded with a swarm of nymphs, my gravid A.tesselata finally gave birth judging by the 20 or so nymphs i found today, my Gyna lurida have been breeding for a while and my 1st gen are growing strongly and to top it all off i found my first domino roach babies today, loads of them at that I heard getting certain roaches to breed can be a bit hit and miss so im pretty chuffed these all bred on the 1st try Now i just hope my luck continues when my Rhino's are mature in about 4 years time
  4. Thanks, what about substrate depth? Plus do they like more leaves or more wood in their substrate?
  5. What should the substrate be made of? I have plenty of rotting wood and leaf mulch
  6. Im getting some of these real soon, any tips? Read what i can about them but there's not a lot of info on the web Any pics of the adults?
  7. So ive got 2 adults pairs now, the one female has been adult for a fair while, when should i expect to see nymphs? Have seen mating displays before, pretty stunning, especially when you had no idea they did that :yikes:
  8. I had thought that that ooth was the only one, but i had a root through their enclosure yesterday and discovered these How come some of them are fatter than the others? Is this a sign of the young developing inside maybe? Plus are they safe incubating in their enclosure? Or can i take them out and incubate them like phasmid ova?
  9. What the hell is that?! Looks like a true bug
  10. I saw one of my domino's with an oothecae yesterday, the only thing is is that i dont know if i have any male, i brought them as adults so their might of been males before i had them but do they produce infertile ooths?
  11. I did see a male with a very slight purple tinge around the edges of his wings I might seperate them and see what happens
  12. Thanks for the replies, mine are kept moderatly humid so i doubt im doing anything wrong then
  13. Thanks Well i havent got a yellow but i think ive got the next best thing, this female shocked me when her colour developed, never seen or heard of this morph before The colours really like that in real life, maybe better
  14. I remember reading somewhere about the ventilation and humidity of these roaches but now i cant find the thread or remember which forums its even on Of course i made sure i had the ventilation right before recieving them but i just want to double check
  15. Thanks for the replies, i was holding one the other day when i was sure it made a defensive smell, so i wasnt sure if it was harmful or not.
  16. I brought a tub of these a couple of days ago which arrived the very next day I've wanted these roaches for some time now and when i brought a tub i was expecting like 6 or 8 nymphs, so i got a tub with 60 or 80 nymphs and adults alike They were even more amazing in real life however they run real fast, climb plastic, and fly...well :| Needless to say i need to drastically cut the number down a lot On their own however they are very nice roachs, real nice shades of colour on them aswell ad the amazing patterns on the nymphs and the nicely shaped wings on them Im really impressed with this species Adult female Adult male Young nymph Adult female
  17. Does this look ok? Its mostly leaf litter with a couple of crushed up chunks of wood and a bit of soil in between it all. I was going to place a thin peice of bark on top for the adults to climb on, at the moment the only thing ive done to it is added a thin layer of sphagnum on top of all the surface.
  18. I similar thing can be found in phasmids, usually when a limb is severed at a certain point.
  19. Thanks for that, ive got tonnes of that stuff in a big bag ready for any beetles How deep should the substrate be to breed or doesnt it matter?
  20. I cant find much information on these on the web and ive already searched google. I may be getting some soon but it will be a lot out of my wallet so i want to make sure i get the conditions spot on first time around because i cant afford any losses, especially as i want to breed them What i know so far is that they need a substrate sort of like beetles, a mix of soil, rotting leaves, and rotting wood. But i cant find much about humidity and ventilation. Can anyone help me and tell me how you keep and breed yours?
  21. Im on there, aswell as a bunch of other forums dEsSiCaTa_UK === www.bugnation.co.uk dEsSiCaTa_UK === www.rfuk.co.uk dEsSiCaTa_UK === www.ukmantisforums.co.uk Deroplatys ===== www.arachnoboards.com Morpheus uk ==== www.mantidforum.net Morpheus_UK ==== www.phasmidforum.com Dessicata_UK ====www.chelicera.org
  22. Thats one helluva nice roach! I didnt plan to keep more than 4 species, but i may consider these
  23. Like the nice white band on the one on the left
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