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  1. So my giant banana roaches whichi thought had died out suddenly exsploded with a swarm of nymphs, my gravid A.tesselata finally gave birth judging by the 20 or so nymphs i found today, my Gyna lurida have been breeding for a while and my 1st gen are growing strongly and to top it all off i found my first domino roach babies today, loads of them at that :D

    I heard getting certain roaches to breed can be a bit hit and miss so im pretty chuffed these all bred on the 1st try :D

    Now i just hope my luck continues when my Rhino's are mature in about 4 years time :rolleyes:

  2. I had thought that that ooth was the only one, but i had a root through their enclosure yesterday and discovered these :D

    How come some of them are fatter than the others?

    Is this a sign of the young developing inside maybe?

    Plus are they safe incubating in their enclosure?

    Or can i take them out and incubate them like phasmid ova?


  3. I brought a tub of these a couple of days ago which arrived the very next day :lol:

    I've wanted these roaches for some time now and when i brought a tub i was expecting like 6 or 8 nymphs, so i got a tub with 60 or 80 nymphs and adults alike :blink:

    They were even more amazing in real life however they run real fast, climb plastic, and fly...well :|

    Needless to say i need to drastically cut the number down a lot :(

    On their own however they are very nice roachs, real nice shades of colour on them aswell ad the amazing patterns on the nymphs and the nicely shaped wings on them :)

    Im really impressed with this species :D

    Adult female





    Adult male



    Young nymph



    Adult female



  4. Does this look ok?

    Its mostly leaf litter with a couple of crushed up chunks of wood and a bit of soil in between it all.

    I was going to place a thin peice of bark on top for the adults to climb on, at the moment the only thing ive done to it is added a thin layer of sphagnum on top of all the surface.


  5. I cant find much information on these on the web and ive already searched google.

    I may be getting some soon but it will be a lot out of my wallet so i want to make sure i get the conditions spot on first time around because i cant afford any losses, especially as i want to breed them :)

    What i know so far is that they need a substrate sort of like beetles, a mix of soil, rotting leaves, and rotting wood. But i cant find much about humidity and ventilation. Can anyone help me and tell me how you keep and breed yours?

  6. Im on there, aswell as a bunch of other forums

    dEsSiCaTa_UK === www.bugnation.co.uk

    dEsSiCaTa_UK === www.rfuk.co.uk

    dEsSiCaTa_UK === www.ukmantisforums.co.uk

    Deroplatys ===== www.arachnoboards.com

    Morpheus uk ==== www.mantidforum.net

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    Dessicata_UK ====www.chelicera.org

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