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  1. Just 2 at the moment, Gromphadorina Portentosa, and Archimandrita Tesselata , the latter being my favourite I hope to lose the G.portentosa in place of G.oblongata, and also track down some domino roaches and the giant banana roaches. I also keep a fair few mantids, double shield mantids, taiwanese flowers, malaysian dead leaves, and a boxer mantis ooth incubating I also keep many phasmids, at the moment im trying to weed out any common and plain species from my stock and concentrate on rarer and more exotic species . Apart from that i also have a tailless whip scorpion, an adult vinegaroon and her offspring, and also an Atlas beetle grub, which im really chuffed with cause it was the first beetle i bred Oh and i also have a couple of chameleons and a bearded dragon. And some fish lol
  2. Just saw a link to this site whilst browsing and seeing as i have a couple of species i thought what the hell
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