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  1. They eat their young?!! I thought they would be communial
  2. Vonones ornata Found 5 babies in my tank today!
  3. this is NOT my photo, but its too awesome to not share. Link to website it came from: http://ivhent.com/?author=4 Site lists them as German cockroaches
  4. Wow that's a sight to be jealous of!!!! Glad to see you finally made it over to this forum Ren!!!!
  5. I uploaded a few of my roach vids for your enjoyment. G. lurida - Leaf Roaches gone Wild. This is pretty much how it looks every night when the lights go out. A. tesselata - I had a few Peppereds that just hated each other. I had to separate them all. Everyone tells me that Peppereds shouldn't fight, but mine sure did.
  6. Something like this happens every few years. A year or two ago their was a massive mealworm shortage. Some kind of mold/fungus get into the food supply and all the mealworms died before reaching adulthood. Adult crickets are back in stock at my local stores now, so the storage is already ended/ending,.
  7. Chowing Down These are all adult Males and Females The Males have a really neat mating display, they lift their wings up and display Micky Mouse ears. I don't know who decided these should be called Horseshoe roaches, I woulda gone with Micky Mouse roach. (I'll try to get more clear photos in the future)
  8. Yet more A. tesselata with Crazy markings
  9. WOW WOW WOW!!! Paradox Albino Sowbug! I've been trying to reproduce an albino Porcellio that appeared in my group, but no success so far. I found a 2nd albino in my yard yesterday, so fingers crossed. But wow, nothing as cool as that one Orin.
  10. So these are my baby domino's that I spotted on 3/9/10. My first egg case dropped on 10/13/09. So it was only 147 days (approx 5.25 months) from egg case being laid to the photos below. Babies Babies next to a egg case. Just some of my egg cases
  11. Kimix

    My Froggies

    After seeing Matt K's lizards I am inspired to post some of my frogs on here. Enjoy! Solomon Island Eyelash Frog - Ceratobatrachus guentheri Maylasian Horned Frog - Megophrys nasuta Amazon Milk Frog - Trachycephalus resinifictrix European Green Toad - Bufo viridis
  12. They are absolutely beautiful Matt! I know who I'm calling when I win the lotto! lol And to think.. I used to just think you were a roach guy!
  13. Yes that is a Male. I just checked and there are no adult females yet. Soon as a female molts out I will photograph her as well.
  14. Byrsotria Sp. "Cuba" Finally had some of these guys molt out. I'm not sure if anyone has posted pics of these or not so I figured I had better share. Adult Male Nymph Edit: Added the Sex
  15. OMG!! I can't believe you have a Abronia graminea!! Do you have a pair? What is the sp. of the blue anole with the red and yellow splashes. and I would love to see a thread of all your anole sp.
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