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    Another big WELCOME from across the pond!
  2. I found it, the one by Roth and Naskrecki.
  3. Good point. Where can I find this paper your referring to?
  4. Thanks, I wonder though if, since these feed on bat guano in the wild, they would do better if I supplied them with some. I could go collect it at a few locations here in Houston where there are large bat colonies.
  5. My Tigers immediatly chow down on Apple, Guava, Papaya (love Papaya), Bok Choy, Butternut squash, and Bannana.
  6. I have a few Simandoa conserfariam but not yet long enough to complete a breeding cycle. Will someone please let me know what to expect as far as life cycle and anything else I might need to know to be successful? Thanks a bunch.
  7. So I realize that these were posted some time ago but is there any other way to veiw, I can't see them.
  8. I agree, I had a great experience buying from Kyle already.
  9. Regarding the sugar thing. I have'nt tried honey with the lateralis, I will though and report back, but I have thrown a glazed doghnut in there once and they ate al of the center out leaving a hollow glazed, did'nt touch the fried exterior or the sugar glaze. I was very surprised.
  10. Couldn't hurt to give it a try. Should'nt be a problem with mold or nasties if you don't over do it and check it the next day. Please let us know what you're giving it to and if they like it.
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome I would like to get ahold of some P. americana white eyes next. I think they"ll love the weather here too!
  12. In the spring / summer they stay in the garage, hot-n-balmy. Fall / winter Cholo keeps them warm Well, not exactly but he likes napping on them. I made a box for each bin out of 3/4" foam insulation board. There are two 2" vent holes in the lid. Pull the lid off... Take the bin out...now you can see the spacer pieces in the corners at the bottom; these center the bin when it is inserted and keeps a gap so it's not sitting directly on the heater. This is a 7 watt heater and very consistantly keeps the interior 15-20 degrees F over ambiant. Hot, dark, cozy, sexy time... no shortage of nymphs
  13. I have been considering some beetles for my lateralis colony but I'm not quite sure there will be any real benefit. The colony does have a faint smell which I think is normal and I never find any dead, eatin they're own, keepin it in the family.
  14. My parents did a pretty good job raising me, prepared me for all of the pitfalls in life and ... wait, what, bug addiction? Ok, Mom and Pop really dropped the ball on this one. Never once did I hear, "Don't do bugs" or "Just say no to bugs", no PSA's to prepare me for this, "These are bugs, this is your brain on bugs! I am fairly new to the hobby, started with a Turkistan colony to feed my T's, lizard, and snakes. Yes snakes, I trade Turks for rats. I became increasingly interested in the roaches as the colony grew; I try to keep them around 5,000 strong to support my feeding and trading. I have recently added seven more species listed below. Thanks for the over count Kyle! Been lurking for a while and decided to join the conversation. Glad you all are here, I am looking forward to keeping company with like-minded individuals!
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