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  1. I've actually had a similar "candy" packaged the same exact way and of the same consistency. I cant recall where they were from but they were definitely foreign. And pretty tastey too. I figure if I can eat them my roaches would.

  2. Hello all, I'm just double checking to make sure my assumptions are correct. In my moist roach enclosures, crawling along the walls are a decent amount of minute, white, semi slow moving "things". I say they're mites. Am I correct?

    I've tried my hardest to take out left over food and have even avoided giving certain foods to my roaches to prevent another outburst. Help!

    Signed, worried first time roach mom.

  3. My babies are having babies! I was pleased to actually see one of my surinam roaches complete making her ootheca, while another one was just beginning. It's a beautiful thing to watch and I hope to snap some macro shots of the process next time.

    In the mean time, these are my first ootheca to care for. Does any one have any tips on how to care for them? Should I take them out of the enclosure? Can I put them in a separate enclosure and if so what to they need to survive? Basic questions I'm sure, but just like any new roach parent, I'm nervous and would like to get it right the first time.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  4. Hello world. I'm officially a roach hobbyist. I love roaches! I'm an undergrad majoring in entomology and I've always had a thing for insects. Look out for my posts. I'll be asking TONS of questions (seeing as I was never able to keep roaches as pets), I'll be needing a bit of advice.


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