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  1. wat kind of 'cleanup crew' are you talking about? Ive heard springtails eat some things but that they wont eat the mites...
  2. okay so i took the whole container roaches and all to the college in my city and found out they arent freaking aphids. THEY ARE mites. they're called grain mites and they were in the damn chick feed i got from the hardware store. im so pissed,.they have now infested my intire 2lbs of chick feed and idk how to get rid of them. i dont know what eats them...
  3. we have some soft key limes left from margaritas the other night..can my roaches eat them safely? they love oranges but idk if the acidity is worse or?
  4. well, yes i know they are aphids. And there was plenty of plant matter in the enclosure with the roaches,.the chick feed for protein, some fresh apple and some orange slices. I checked the flower after i picked it for spiders or june bugs and didnt see any,.the only thing i can gather is that between the apples and oranges and the heating pad and the nice warm, moist eco earth they just exploded in polulation..its was crazy i wish i had taken a picture of it. it went from one or two aphids to an intire corner of my bookcase covered..
  5. So, the other day i picked a beautiful Magnolia flower for my boyfriend who lives up north where there are no Magnolia trees. I set the flower down on top of my Madagascar roaches enclosure and went to bed. Today i go to clean the water and give fresh fruit..and there are BILLIONS of aphids..EVERYWHERE...the food dish with the chick seed in it looks like its about to walk away. ITS FULL OF APHIDS. They have swarmed all three of my roach containers..they're all over the book case.. I dont know how to get rid of the aphids without killing all my roaches..please god help me... -Jae Marie
  6. OMGosh. we have molt number 2! My boyfriend and i have been taking pictures of each molt because they look so differint. I was not expecting a second molt this quickly after the first. The little one is stil white..so we dont know what he's going to look like yet. So Excited! On that note, the second batch of babies havent had their first molt yet..we need to get them into a similar container as the first batch. Goodness im so excited.
  7. i have a large male and a large female who both have /beautiful/ lily orange (school bus) orange bodies. if i could breed them bigger...or maybe ..idk..
  8. Ask who? and this is allpet roaches. where is it listed on this site?
  9. i've never seen a regular madagascar have horns shaped like that or have coloration that far up the body. And that is by far the largest male ive ever seen. It dosnt look like a regular madagascar hisser at all to me.
  10. literally, the day i posted this..the next morning they started molting in droves xD
  11. So, we have three adult Madagascar hissers, one is a little female that we are like 80% sure is a hybrid. We just became the proud grandbug grandparents of 61 little roaches, who just had their first molt. pretty little things! I'm becoming more interested in some really pretty colored wide horns? i hear they have some pretty coloration and get bigger? is that true? This picture has me just fascinated. http://www.angelfire.com/oh2/Roaches/images/GportentosaMale.jpg
  12. so, our female had her babies on April 14th, 2015. When should we expect their first molt? We have them on moist eco earth and they are near a heating pad but not directly on it so their temp is about 75F degrees . Ive heard people say that we lose about half of them between now and adulthood. These being our first batch of offspring i really don't want to lose any of the babies :c we've started calling them the 'grandbugs'. gotta love babies!
  13. Hey there guys. I've got a lot of interest in getting one of these lovely frogs. Does anyone have any suggestions on vivariums for them? YouTube dosnt have anything for Bicolor frogs (who have special humidity and temp requirements that differ from other treefrogs). And FrogForum.net is giving me the 'ol 404...
  14. So my friend Taylor at our local pet-shop counted our first batch of Madagascar babies and we have a whopping 61 Madagascar babies.
  15. i think this is pretty much a hobbyist website dear. Also, you might be better off starting a thread with a relevant topic.
  16. boyfriend woke up this morning to rustling in the roach tank. Lady and Carlos are at it again. Jesus. She had her babies a few days ago and shes already knocked up again. Chica still hasnt had her babies. patience.
  17. Okay so we put Chica in there and nothing happened for two days. so we went ahead and put her back in with the other two for another few weeks.
  18. We went ahead and put Chica in there with Lady's babies to see if she will have babies too. My boyfriend is so exstatic about the whole thing hes telling me,."i just want to hold one". Hes so happy about the 'grandbugs'. He just looked at me and said,.."we are going to need a bigger box". So im thinking of getting a few of the 10g plexi tanks that have the screen lids that go with them because i dont trust the plastic tubs for hissers. Dubia yes, cause they cant climb. But hissers? nope. So i'll set up like 2 tanks with ZooMed heaters and keep Chica, Carlos and Lady in their 2g tank to live out their lives. Because those are our original three and we dont want to lose them in the masses lol.
  19. Can we put our other female (Chica) in there cause shes pretty fat too. Will she eat Lady's babies? Do i need to put the babies on heat now? WHEN DO THEY START HISSING!? :>
  20. OMG IT WORKED. NATE TOOK HER OFF THE HEAT AND PUT HER IN A LITTLE CRITTER KEEPER WITH SOME EGG CRATE AND A BABY CARROT, HE LEFT TO GET ME FROM WORK AND WHEN HE GOT HOME.... BAAAABIESSS!!!!! like 40 of them!!! when can we put her back with the other two roaches? omg im so happy. im not selling any. im just going to keep them all forever @_@ I'll just be that crazy roach lady.
  21. how long after you took them off the heat did you generally see activity?
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