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  1. The legs match the style well... I look forward to seeing the final product!
  2. Looking for some information on how to sex medium/large nymphs. Anyone have some tips?
  3. Haha, sorry about the location bit. I live in New York.
  4. Sorry for the quality, still getting used to my camera. As far as the location goes I'll take a picture of that when I get a chance. It's an old abandoned quarry. They were found on sand/clay substrate next to a fairly wet area.
  5. Just caught a bunch of an unknown species. I have a few questions for ya. How often do you feed them, and what kind of substrate do you keep them on? Humidity levels?
  6. Does anyone have any Diploptera punctata anymore? See you mentioned that they are in the hobby, but haven't seen them offered in a while.
  7. I wish there were more species to find in my area, but central NY is seriously lacking in roaches haha.
  8. Haha, definitely a pretty good start here. Cariblatta, that's quite a few species. Might say I'm a bit envious of that collection. I'm thinking my next species will be Lucihormetica... they look pretty awesome.
  9. Just wondering whether or not there's a comprehensive list out there for roach species in the hobby? I know that a similar list has been compiled, with breeding records, for mantids. It would certainly be interesting to see how many and what species are out there.
  10. Apparently Archimandrita tesselata are very widespread down there. The first three were found in a very dry forest, where the college property is located, and a fourth was in an area not too far from a cloud forest (very damp). Both had a ton of different roach species, but again I was a bum with my camera. The most sightings happened on a night I left my camera on the bus and the driver had gone to bed already. Super bummed about that.
  11. So I thought I had at least a few more, but it looks like only two nymphs. I have a ton of pictures of other inverts though. I may be applying for an undergrad research grant and returning during the wet season. If that's the case I'll be 100% sure to take a ton more roach photos.
  12. I was pretty excited to see them in the wild! Unfortunately most of the other shots I have are of nymphs. I really dropped the ball in one area we were staying. At least three sizable species all over, but no camera. There were also a ton of very small adults in the leaf litter. They were smaller than 1st instar dubia nymphs. I'll see what I have an upload them.... prepare for disappointment.
  13. That's my best guess. Looks pretty similar to the few I have. We collected some samples that are in the process of being exported, so we'll know within the next few.... months?
  14. This past week I traveled to Costa Rica for a bioblitz on some property my college owns.This was one of about four adults seen. Pretty sure I saw some nymphs running around though. We did some traveling and there were a ton more roaches, but I didn't have my camera for a lot of it. I'll post a few of those I did manage to get photos of soon!
  15. Sorry for the late response! I've been in Costa Rica for my spring break. I'll be contacting sellers soon. Of the people who have them and have responded, how long have you had the colonies? What has their care been like? I've read they are similar to normal hissers in their care, but do you all have any tips to get them going?
  16. I'm aware of where to buy them, but I'm more looking for information on when/where the stock came from. I'm trying to get a genetically diverse bunch, so more information on their lineage would be awesome. If that's not available I'd be very happy to just hear about the seller's history with the species, just to get some understanding. I'd be happy to share the results if/when they are available. Thanks everyone!
  17. Hey all, I am trying to get together a project to complete with flat-horns. I'm looking for sources and some information from the sources. I'm trying to get them as genetically diverse as possible. Have these been introduced into the hobby multiple times? If so, does anyone have stock that is genetically different from the "common" stock? I'm going to need at least 10 of both genders, but more would be great.
  18. Thank you! I had ruled out the invasives from the location, so I think I was on the right track. I'll have to visit the spot this summer and report back.
  19. I've been searching for a while and can't seem to find any reliable source of what native species we have in New York. A few years ago I was canoeing on the lake I grew up on. There's a cliff face that's great for fossil hunting, so I was taking some chunks out to inspect them. In the process I disturbed some roaches and there appeared to be multiple oothecae ~6 inches deep in the crevices. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but now it seems a bit strange to me. This is a fairly large cliff, with very little leaf litter in that area. You'd have to travel a good 50 feet to the top to get to forest litter. Now I'm trying to figure out what this species could have been. This was in Central NY a good 5 hours from the city. If anyone could point me in the direction of range maps, or just general info on the species we have here, I'd really appreciate it.
  20. Unfortunately that's more due to me trying to fix the lighting in the photo. I can't recall its coloration very well, but I seem to remember it being mostly grey and black.
  21. First, let me apologize for the quality of this photo. I was working with a crappy camera, fogged lens due to high humidity, and it was night. This was the only roach species I photographed while on a trip with my tropical ecology class. This was taken on Gorgona Island off the Pacific Coast. I've traveled to Colombia twice and have a ton of photos of other inverts, but unfortunately this is the only roach species. I just wanted to share a memory I have. This specimen was much more interesting in person and a good size. I'll be traveling to Costa Rica in a few weeks where I'll be working on an independent study on the insects found on a property owned by the university I attend. Hopefully I'll be able to share some photographs of roach species, both alive and preserved specimens.
  22. Haha, I figured you'd probably be on here. I'm pretty sure I bought every species ya had there! I mean it was my first chance to buy those species in person so I couldn't resist. I'd love to know what other species you're working with.
  23. Hi everyone, I'm looking for some input on an idea I have. I have a relatively large lab cabinet with sliding glass doors on it that I got for free recently (perks of working in a lab). I was thinking of setting up the shelves with some heat tape, or heat cable connected to a thermostat. It could probably hold around 8-10 colonies in gallon jars, with the potential for more smaller colonies. I'm also thinking of setting up a lighting system in the cabinet, not for prolonged light more to just check in on em. Does anyone have experience/suggestions with a project like this? LED rope looks like it could be a good option, but it looks a little cheesy to me. Thanks in advance!
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