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  1. The plant in the picture looks to be some kind of Aglaonema.
  2. I found this with one of my stag beetle larvae it's probably a wood boring species and is doing well on white rotten wood.
  3. Thank you i will tell you if i have any extra.
  4. Im not really sure about the Ceropria but the Plesiophthalmus seem to grow best with it, they tunnel through solid pieces.
  5. Yes i have plenty of the Plesiophthalmus larvae and a pupa and larva of the Ceropria induta.
  6. The beetle is Ceropria induta which i collected in Korea and the larva is a Plesiophthalmus species, the adults were collected in japan.
  7. Found these under a rotten leg, they're a lot prettier in person, they have an iridescent sheen on them like an oil spill.
  8. You can also apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly around the top of the container.
  9. Pretty sure this is Muljarus japonicus.
  10. I hope you do well with them, it's nice to see more people keeping termites
  11. I have around a dozen of what I think is Ligia oceanica and currently they are housed in a cage with tissue paper, shells and bark but I am switching them to gravel soon. I gave them turtle food to eat and should I do anything else?
  12. There are mites that crawl on their bodies and they're a little larger and quicker than grain mites, should I be worried? Also how long does it take for the nymphs to mature mine around 1 inch?
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