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  1. That should be fine, I keep mine in pure coconut fiber with some dead leaves on top and they seem to do fine.
  2. The plant in the picture looks to be some kind of Aglaonema.
  3. I found this with one of my stag beetle larvae it's probably a wood boring species and is doing well on white rotten wood.
  4. Thank you i will tell you if i have any extra.
  5. Im not really sure about the Ceropria but the Plesiophthalmus seem to grow best with it, they tunnel through solid pieces.
  6. Yes i have plenty of the Plesiophthalmus larvae and a pupa and larva of the Ceropria induta.
  7. The beetle is Ceropria induta which i collected in Korea and the larva is a Plesiophthalmus species, the adults were collected in japan.
  8. Found these under a rotten leg, they're a lot prettier in person, they have an iridescent sheen on them like an oil spill.
  9. You can also apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly around the top of the container.
  10. Pretty sure this is Muljarus japonicus.
  11. I hope you do well with them, it's nice to see more people keeping termites
  12. I have around a dozen of what I think is Ligia oceanica and currently they are housed in a cage with tissue paper, shells and bark but I am switching them to gravel soon. I gave them turtle food to eat and should I do anything else?
  13. There are mites that crawl on their bodies and they're a little larger and quicker than grain mites, should I be worried? Also how long does it take for the nymphs to mature mine around 1 inch?
  14. Hisserdude, do you have any more added ventilation on he lid of the container, or is it just the holes on the side?
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