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  1. wicked appreciate the reply, the lizards are only hatching beardies. but ill order more once they are available.
  2. ..Shelfordella lateralis.. anyone know, reptile forums were saying monthly on one and weekly on another, and 6 nymphs on one page and 30 on a different one. i was only able to order 125 due to limited stock, wondering if ill be able to build up decent colony before my and a friend's lizards gets here in a month or should i order more (ill be supplying feeders for both)
  3. i tried google-ing it but just keep getting reptile forums with mixed answers so ill ask the pros, how often do lats have ooths? how many nymphs from one ooth?
  4. after mixing that hemp pro 70 in various amouts with various things ive found out what to do with it. mixing it with the Repashy diet only had a slight positive effect, but the more i added it seemed to not dry out as fast, so less went to waste (they ignore it once its dry) but add some honey to the mix and it doesnt last long. or just a shot glass of pure honey and 1 tea spoon of the hemp pro and mix, it turns into a brown sludge thats gone in to time if you can find these products (maybe at gnc?) and they arnt to expensive (idk what they cost) defiantly worth getting, especially for those that make their own chow, im sure you'll see results.
  5. is a fusca/craniifer hybrid able to reproduce? does anyone have a photo of an adult?
  6. i started with 13 common hissers (5 males, 8 females) since then they've given birth a few times, now i have HUNDREDS of nymphs and they're growing quick some are pushing an inch and half. but now the issue of crowding is on my mind, how well do hissers take crowded conditions? is it perfered? hated? (by the roach) what about adult males?, are they gonna constantly fight? any and all insight appreciated.
  7. what kind of beans, never thought of them
  8. i also got something called hemp pro 70 by the same company, its a plant based protein powder, i mixed it with some Repashy diet and put it in this morning, ill let y'all know how it goes.
  9. i had to stop at my works office to get my check the other day and had to use the bathroom (which we share with the gym nextdoor) the gym had put out a bunch of free samples of some health food crap, of course i looked thru and figured ill try some on my roaches. turns out my dubias LOVED it. its called Hemp Hearts by Manitoba Harvest, it just raw shelled hemp seeds. the dubias ate the whole package in just a few hours, i couldn't tell if the hissers ate theirs or just walked thru it, spreading it around. just figured I'd share cuz its a rather random food i doubt anyone has tryed and its the best reaction I've got from my roaches with any food ive tried.
  10. they constantly have oranges, carrots, dog food, and sometimes Repashy's crested gecko diet. they have plenty of hides. idk how to make it more appealing. i think if i get some non-metal screen from home depot (like for a screen door) cut it to size and put it between the lid and the container then rubber band it in place i think my problems will be solved. what do you think?
  11. I've decided that im going to get some death's heads but am caught between what cultivar. are the differences all that drastic? what do y'all think?
  12. i did have Vaseline in the critter keeper, but the nymphs just walked right over it and were hanging out on the lid, anything else that works? ive seen a Teflon paint does that work?
  13. I've been keeping my hissers in a plastic critter keeper but recently a few females finally had babies and was concerned about escapees so switched all the nymphs to a 32 ounce deli cup with a cloth mesh top and am now haveing mold problems. how do you all keep yours?
  14. has anyone tried these as feeders? do they reproduce quick/easily enough to make sense to use as a feeder?
  15. thanks guys appreciate it. i was just unsure.
  16. how do i post pictures? got a weird dubia female that i figured was worth shareing but dont know how to put the pics on here
  17. no one was even offering starter colonies
  18. i usually go to the Manchester NH expo at the Radisson, missed the one that just happened unfortunately. but at the one before, all i found was medium-small dubia nymphs and adult males
  19. i was on bugs in cyberspace and saw he's advertising a "roach jelly". anyone got experience with this? is it the same as regular jelly?
  20. im looking for somewhere local that sells roaches i can go and hand pick some out. i don't like to buy things on the internet and i want to pick specific individuals. is anyone on here from NH or MA and willing to let me rummage through their colonies? looking for: adult dubia w/ less than normal or little amounts of black. maybe nymphs if you have alot of adults i like. common hisser males that are VERY orange or rust colored ( only a few maybe 5 )
  21. thanks everyone. does anybody have a picture of an adult dubia and orange head side by side?
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