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  1. KitKatie329 Look how cute he is!!! <3 Walter is a opossum after my own heart. ChiManSam So glad roaches worked out for you! Gotta keep those beardies fed. Crickets are honestly a pain in the you-know-what. Andee Nice bunch of pets! Do you enjoy the BTS? I've heard they're great. Salmonsaladsandwich Oh geez! I've heard that feeding a lot of radish to herbivorous herps can cause pink urates. Your frog probably didn't appreciate all that juice! Is he alright?
  2. Smiley: I hope he tames up for you as he grows! Gotta love a monitor. RomanBuck: Says the brave guy with six T's! They're beautiful animals but I've had bad reactions to spider bites in the past. I'm sticking far away from tarantulas, much less supposedly aggressive ones. I bet you're great with them, though!
  3. Doc: I bet those pixie frogs are pigs! Those things are monstrous! I've really considered getting one. Love that your garg is a pig too, though! She must be healthy and happy. wcbpolish: They're beautiful, though! Do you enjoy keeping him? What do you do with all the other roaches? bpmojo80: That's a lot of hungry mouths! How are the ackies? I've heard they're a blast! RomanBuck: XD You're brave to keep OBT's! I would be too scared of them, I think. Smiley: Aww, another Ackie! Is yours very tame? And I think you're right about the Argus! TongueFlicker: Hey, I would bend over backwards f
  4. Hey, fellow roach lovers I currently have one good-sized dubia colony servicing a single (but very large) leopard gecko. Obviously, he can't keep up! I've seen other members say that one colony was not enough for just a couple of their herps! I'm curious. What animals are you feeding to? (Including amphibs, repts, ts, other inverts) Which ones are your best (read: BIG) eaters? Pics are very welcome, of course! I may or may not use your recommended species to fill my spare terrarium
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