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  1. Second time this year I've ended up with only adult females in my colony and not a male in sight. Any one else have this problem with their Turkistan roaches?
  2. Wow, wcbpolish, thank you for the incredible share! They are definitely similar to what I'm getting, although my nymphs aren't nearly as stunning! Mine also have the clear protonums and wings. Might have to contact the owner of these and find out if he has any specifics about them. Little update in the meantime! Thought this was quite a nice looking male, so I'm sharing him
  3. @Keith Thanks, Keith! You totally should; I'd love to see what you'd take. @Forcep No flash! :3 I actually have a light box set up for photography and a small lamp with a bright halogen bulb and the ability to aim the light. It's something I use when take photos of items or insects anyway. It just happens to make for great gecko photos as well! @Acro I definitely will when I take them! I don't really handle Kirk unless he specifically asks to be picked up, which is rare. I did get a couple photos of his tongue out, but it's blurry! I will try to get a good one where you can see it, though. This is an older photo which isn't macro, but he is licking his nose! https://scontent-ord.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfp1/v/t1.0-9/10574348_10205060118170368_4559435700520049577_n.jpg?oh=dd504cfd8373bb6d040b21fd3f7b019a&oe=55CC2F85
  4. There are some exciting newts that stay quite bright. Fire bellies come to mind. Axolotls are also a ton of fun if you have a flair for the exotic. Captive bred newts are pricier, but worth it for sure if you can find them!
  5. Aww, varnon, I bet they're adorable, though! Such an interesting species. Do you enjoy them?
  6. He's cute, isn't he? We have v. viridescens around here, which I think are especially adorable. He almost doesn't look real!
  7. I've been playing around with a new lens. Got some nice photos of my leopard gecko, Kirk! Would be excited to see photos of your geckos as well, if you have any to share.
  8. Gotta love spring time! West Virginia is rich with amphibians in particular, so here are a few of my encounters this season: Rana clamitans melanota Juvenile Notophthalmus viridescens viridescens Juvenile Plestiodon fasciatus (Two different encounters, probably same animal? Unfortunately he did not have his beautiful blue tail. Have seen adults around but they are much more wily. May put out a bucket with an inch of water and see what I get!)
  9. Beautiful! They are such a great-looking species. So excited for you, Cariblatta!
  10. lecole4


    Pictures would be helpful. Grain mite eggs are pretty ubiquitous in all grain-based foods. Nasty little things! What foods have you used, and what do you avoid now? A great trick for preventing the eggs from hatching is freezing any grain-based foods for 24 hours before use. If you're going to consider using lessers, like Doc suggested, be cautious. It is a good suggestion and they are a popular colony cleaner, but if you keep any kinds of birds or intend to use your roaches as a feeder for poultry, they carry a whole lot of diseases, particularly avian diseases. Just something to be aware of.
  11. I have a few fun species I've picked up just for the expo! Showing them off here. Don't mind the logo- some of these are official photos for my business Therea olegrandjeani Lucihormetica verrucosa Gyna centurio
  12. Thanks, Hisserdude! Maybe it will ultimately come to nothing, but I'm having fun in the meantime.
  13. Oooh. I quite like the striped look on your adult females.
  14. Oh yeah, they were quite a surprise! What do your adults look like? Are they quite yellow?
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