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  1. Ok it my first time with discoids I just wanted to make sure I was doing every thing right
  2. Should I add more males or do I have a good ratio I have another 50-100 males extra in there own bin
  3. I have roughly around 250-300 and 50-60 males in a tub I have no substrate. I am using a 58 quart sterilite tub I painted out side black I have 9-10 vertical egg flats, humidity is around 80-90 and day temps of 80-85 degrees and night temps of 76-74 degrees there food consists of almost 30% protein, also feed them sweet potatoes and oranges and I have water crystals for moisture and mainly for humidity. All adults are freshly shed about 1 month ago and I have seen so far 6-8 egg sacks dropped and no nymphs I have other bins that a have nymphs in all sizes, im not sure what im doing wrong, I was told I should put a few mix sizes nymphs in the bin with adults.
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