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  1. Vanwaerebecki X Portentosa ? Petco places don't always seem to take care of their animals. I'm glad you've got them!
  2. Oh my..oh,oh geez! I've never seen this before!Thank you for posting this!
  3. I'm sorry for your loss. It sucks to lose a roach. </3 I have a dead A.tesselata in the freezer that I want to preserve. I just don't know how. Was he old?
  4. I think they drool for more than one reason. Defense didn't make sense to me because mine stop moving when they do that. They don't hiss or try to run. It's usually with a new cockroach that hasn't been held before. Vomiting and drooling aren't the same thing. Are grasshoppers vomiting or drooling? I watched a question mark leave a little bubble of drool on a stick in the tank while she was wandering. I'm just curious about it. It's probably a number of reasons why they drool. Stress makes sense too, but not as a predator deterrent. Maybe it's somehow tied with making a new memory? Like drooling is a bookmark of some kind?
  5. http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0000529 Basically,cockroaches were classically conditioned to drool when presented with a smell they associated with a reward. I wondered if my roaches were drooling on me because they favored me rather than being afraid. They could be associating us with a delicious reward. I've been drooled on twice with two different species. It was the same behavior both times. A roach would put its mouthparts on my fingers and drool excessively. I thought it was an interesting study and idea.
  6. I gnabbed two of these from my favorite pet store the other day. The male isn't as red as the female, but he still has no black on him at all. It's more of a reddish brown color with a nice golden body. She reminds me of a candy cane. I'm pretty sure these are both G.portentosa (probably mutts, but they mostly all are.) I set them both up in a cage all by themselves and I'm hoping that they'll make little gingery babies. The goal would be to have them all look more like the female. I thought I'd share this because I feel like it's particularly rare. Am I right? I've never seen this before. I've seen a lot of colors, but not red or red and gold. I'd love it if more people here could share some of their red morphs. I'd like to see more of these in the hobby! The Male: The female:
  7. I realize that question mark roaches don't have little sausage feets, but I thought it was cute that way. This is the first round. The second round will have the color.
  8. I have been getting organic fruit. I love bananas, and so do my roaches. I guess that's one way they've been helping me stay healthy. I avoid pesticides and they do too.
  9. Would it be okay to house A.tesselata and B.craniifer together? I have 12 B.craniifer and 3 A.tesselata . They're all nymphs. I would like to get another bucket for the peppereds,but if I don't need to that would be nice. I feel like separate species should have separate enclosures.. anyway, input would be appreciated!
  10. I noticed that Shipi's roaches look like they've got clearer hearts on their pronotums! I would isolate them and call them all love bugs.
  11. Thank you! I'm skimming it right now. I've never seen a Desert Cockroach before, but I know we have them. I downloaded the PDF. PS: I just realized the other book has a glossary, so I didn't need to google anything. After learning about their neat feets, I spent a good few minutes inspecting my roach's tarsi, attempting to study their arolium.
  12. I believe this to be the right forum for this, but I purchased a book for myself as a birthday gift about cockroaches. I love this book. http://www.amazon.com/Cockroaches-Ecology-Behavior-Natural-History/dp/0801886163/ It's expensive, but worth it. It's not picture heavy, but it is loaded with information. It's directed towards the scientific community to help others either gain an appreciation for cockroaches, or learn more about the insects they love. There's a lot of terms in there I have had to google, but I was more than happy to do it! I wanted to share this because I'm impressed with it, and I can't wait finish it. Are there any other books out there that are recommended reads? I've already got the Allpetroaches book!
  13. Aeluropoda insignis, Archimantrita tesselata ,Elliptorhina javanica are some of my faves. I'm probably going to stick with only a few species. I want to make sure I can manage them and spoil them all, haha. I give my hissers names What about you?
  14. I got these two cockroaches as pets for myself. I believe them both to be G. portentosa . The tricolor's name is Barnaby He's my buddy. (I used flash on one picture) Then there's his ladyfriend, who looks pregnant. She's got these cute spots on her, like the nymphs have. I liked that. I was hoping that they could breed after she had her babies, but we'll see. If not, they're still neat! I'd like to see other cool colors of more member's cockroaches. Please share away!
  15. I'm glad you are a part of this too. Nice to meet you! I think you can type in English well. I love seeing pictures of other people's roaches. I'm definitely down with seeing more from you.
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