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  1. Hey awesome setup! Im a biologist too and Id love to read some of your roach behaviour related papers! Would you be comfortable with sharing?
  2. Hey those are beautiful! And it seems that they are doing veeery well!
  3. Thanks a lot man! Haha I did get what you meant, but that was not the case. I usually don't ask things without prior investigation. As you pointed that there is a lot of scientific investigation on nutritional values and roaches, I assumed that you had already read several scientific papers and that you could save me some time by at least telling me which ones were not worth the read. I guess that, as myself, you know that the info is there but you hadn't personally revised it. I've seen several scientists in the forum (and I'm one myself), so when Roman asked what to write about, I just assumed that he had access to a lab, or that he was making a bibliographical revision to write something science based. I now notice that I might've been asking too much, but still don't doubt Roman's capabilities. See? Now we're talking! Thank you man.
  4. Yes, I meant nutritional comparison. And thanks, I know how to google, I mean't scientific articles comparing between roaches, not crickets against them. Plus I was hoping that you had read a couple and would point in the direction of the one worth it.
  5. Hey Mr. Internet it's greatto know that it's been done before, I found nothing! Could you please point me in the direction of those papers?
  6. Congrats man! Hopefully he's all filled with energy and she's still able to fall in love ( ) so you'll find tons of ooths before she dies.
  7. I do own a Nauphoeta colony, but this would be the biggest nymphs I've ever seen! Although it's not impossible for them to be escapees from my chameleons.
  8. I'd love to see those care sheets. Maybe something about substrates, the differencein humidities theymanage and what roaches thrieve in which. Also, but harder, something comparing different roach feeders, as in "roaches are better thancrickets, and x sp. is better than y". Hope it helps.
  9. Hey Alex, thanks! I'm hoping for Ovogram to be a great source of exchanges in the near future, but I love having come here, there's tons of information and people who know their thing. You went to some great places in here, but if you ever come back we could meet and I's take you to mind blowing places (basically cool forests and a couple of reefs). Herping here is awesome, especially when you, like myself, work at the most biodiverse place (frog, reptile and cerambicid beetles wise) in the country. So everyone's invited if you come. I'll send you coffee Ovograms if we agree on something. Well I haven't done the trial yet, plus it's most likely not legal, but I will still make a couple attempts whenever possible. There's already someone from Ovogram willing to trade my tessellatas for Dubias. Haha thanks a lot, I really like the vivid way in which you write . I'm hoping to make some more cool contributions, so keep reading lol. And it's the same for me, Biologists and herpers are among the best people in theworld.
  10. I was doing maintenance of my reptiles and plants, when I lifted a rock and found a small family. I've never seen roaches like this before, and making my typical research (which basically consists of checking roachcrossing.com and comparing with Kyle's species) it would seem that they're very Eurycotisish. What do you think? How do I sex them? Oh, they're in a deli cup because it's late and I'm out of tuppers. The whole family:
  11. I'll try to go and get some Megaloblatta on this weeks, but it's still no that easy to find. Got high hopes on breeding, hopefully some day I'll have a great collection of CR's coolest cockroaches. On the other hand there was a species that I couldn't take good pictures of in the fisrt set. So I took them out for a session. There's one that is a little different, do you think it's something else? Different pronotums This is the variation in the abdomens of the ones I'm sure are the same species Adding the one with different pronotum Thanks again for your help!
  12. Haha I was thinking of stealing one of my grandma's diapers to make tests, but it's not worth the trouble. I haven't checked on garden stores, but that kind of things tend to be on the expensive side because they're relatively new on the market. Ebay sounds good, but IDK if it's legal to import, there's usually trouble or super high taxes. I feed my roaches part of my fruits and vegetables (I'm a vegetarian) but lobsters (my biggest colony, which is not that big haha) still become crazy when I put damp paper towels inside their bin. I see no problem with the species that have a substrate, but lobsters are feeders!
  13. Thanks guys! I might live in a tropical country, but roach finding isn't as easy as one would think! Thanks @forcep for the flickr, thought couldn't find any. The first ones are definitely Epilampra but getting to species is complicated, or so says the only paper on Costarican Epilamprines that I could find. @salmonsaladsandwich haha that being a giant Parcoblatta would be amazing! Does nooneelse knows anything about the rest of the roaches? Also, I remembered that I had found the coolest roach ever when I wasn't interested in them, but still got a picture; now looking at it I think it might be from the Ischnoptera genus (check the sexy legs and rear):
  14. I found a video on youtube explaining how to use water crystals from diapers for plants.Do your think that those would work with roaches? We don't get specialized pet supplies in Costa Rica and water crystals are just not buyable... This is the vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUrSOrBqYxI&t=250
  15. Hey ambystoma, nice findings of yours! Were is the property located in Costa Rica? I have an A. tessellata w/c colony, but yours seems somehow different (population polymorphism?)... I'm from CR, so feel free to contact me when you come back and we could go fielding (biology student).
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