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  1. If I find some I will post some pictures for sure :) but I think there will be better chance for success in may. I have new camera so I guess its time to take some photos... ^_^ I remember I found some last year in fallen leaves.But there are also some cool beetles in the place I live like Cicindela campestris, Lucanus cervus and more. I also found few mantis which I was really surprised of...

  2. From what i know there are 5 native roaches there: Ectobius lapponicus, Ectobius sylvestris, Ectobius erythronotus nigricans, Phyllodromica maculata, Phyllodromica megerlei. But I don´t keep single one of them... maybe I should :-) Its starting to be warmer here so maybe i could go to the forest and see if i find some... There are also 6 invasive species: Blatta orientalis, Periplaneta americana, Periplaneta australasiae, Periplaneta brunnea, Blatella germanica and Supella longipalpa but most of these dont survive our winter imo... luckily i guess

  3. Definitelly :-) just recieved my first hissers few days ago (E. javanica) and they are so cool! Just for fun, can you pronounce that? :P Nenaolejuje-li Julie koleje, naolejuji je já sám.

    I have problem with this one :D hope its not offtopic :-)

  4. I´m Ivo and I live in Czech Republic which is small country in the middle of Europe. I started with bearded dragons and I got into this hobby really fast with some geckos, spiders, snakes and even more...

    I started with cockroaches as feeders (B. dubia) for my lizards but some time ago I´ve started to realize that they are really fascinating animals and I started to focus on them more. I have 11 species right now and I´m extending my collection and trying to learn more about them. I found this forum randomly and I´m just glad I can be part of this.

    P.S. please excuse my english because I´m not from english speaking country and I still have lot to learn :-)

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