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  1. I'm sorry for gravedigging this post, but it seemed more appropriate than starting another thread. I just found one of my Blaberus discoidalis dead in it's tank and when looking closer, I saw that it was completely covered with mites. This makes me wonder whether the cause of death was due to mites or something else. Does anybody know what kind of mites there are in the picture and if they are in any way dangerous? I did found this paper on Madagascar hissers saying that those mites are actually living in mutualistic symbiosis: * http://www.tandfonli...954.2012.662248 * Own picture of d
  2. Hahah that's nice to hear @ZipperMouth, sorry for hijacking your thread again, but @RomanBuck, I have had no trouble breeding dubia's as well, but I'm trying to optimalize the breeding proces right now. I currently get around +20 grams of babies per week from only 350 females, but I'm looking for ways to improve this (there have been weeks with 35-45 grams). calculation: 16 grams are about 600 babies - 600 adults are about 1 kilogram.
  3. Hello everybody, My name is Jesse, I'm 19 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I've kept quite some insects and in the past year I've grown more and more fond of cockroaches. I currently have the setup shown on the picture, together with a very big dubia colony (around 10k individuals). I'm sure I can learn from you all
  4. First of all, thank you for accepting me on this forum! @RomanBuck, do you know if this would also apply to dubia's? I'm having a big colony which I would like to use for commercial production and if this would also apply to dubia's that would be great
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