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  1. I've read in several places that it IS toxic to cats and dogs.
  2. Is it OK to feed the peel as well? I gave mine some orange last night, without the peel and they loved it.
  3. Well now that I see images of the babies, I have seen them around earlier this year. Thank goodness
  4. Well that's good to hear that they aren't going to take over. I was starting to blame my new summer neighbors for bringing friends with them. Still can't have them in my T room, but if they are outside, they can live.
  5. I'm wondering if this roach is a B lat. I don't keep this species of roach. But I did find this one in my room, and another outside. Then A day later another one in my room and two more outside. I live in upstate NY, and I highly doubt anyone in my area is keeping these roaches and may have released them. I live back in the woods, and most of the people who live around me are NYC weekenders/summer people and there aren't that many houses around. Anyway here are the quick shots I got of the first one in my room....
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