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  1. Thank you Matt, Orin and Ralph. I found newborn nymphs of the big black Panesthia last night. I only find chewed up wings on the smaller varieties, the bigger ones all have full wings. Another noticeable difference between the bigger Panesthias and the smaller ones is that the small black ones emit some kind of odor and that they fly. At first I thought the orange ones were their nymphs but I found small nymphs that were pure black too, so I'll have to wait further to see what they grow up into. Right now they look like fat termites.
  2. Hoping the resident experts here would chime in... ID suggestions as well as husbandry advice welcomed. here's a comparison between the first Panesthia sp I posted (bigger black winged) and the 2nd one (smaller brown winged). Both nymphs have 4 orange spots. Today I received what looks like another 1 or 2 species of Panesthia, without the orange spots and way smaller Trichoblatta?
  3. Sorry....now edited Here are some new species collected locally Looks like maderae? If they are then I have yet to witness their infamous defensive prowess More Panesthia sp. Not sure if they are the exact same species as the one I posted earlier but this one's remarkably smaller, the wings also has a reddish brownish tint compared to the jet black wings of the earlier one. Both types of nymphs have the distinct twin pairs of orange spots. No idea what this is, they're very fast and very good flyers. Nymphs are non climbers though. Colors vary from mottled brown to orange ??? Very fast and very good climbers, cannot contain with vaseline
  4. Hey Peter, It's cockroach in the vernacular. The typical house roach is often referred to as "flying ipis", the one species I'm terrified of hahaha... Btw, I'm still waiting for the book to arrive, I probably should receive it by next week and I hope I dont see anything there that will not make me sleep for days!
  5. Well, I'm still waiting for some to mature but so far here are my favorites Macropanesthia rhinoceros Ergaula capucina Therea petriveriana Elliptorhina javanica Therea olegrandjeani Lucihormetica subcincta and a little taste of the local flavor... Panesthia sp. Panesthia sp.
  6. I'm not really a fan of either, there are too many herp guys nowadays, I missed Brossard's Insectia though. I see that you're an addict too , but you're lucky there are so many breeders and species available in the US unlike in my part of the world.
  7. Are all species of hardwood leaves safe for roaches like mahogany, teak, etc? Mahogany is toxic to mammals but I'm not sure if roaches are immune to it.
  8. Hello, I just joined this forum although i've been in contact with some of the members here like Matt, Peter and Orin. I first kept roaches around 4-5 years ago, I had something like 8 species primarily for feeding purposes, though I never really fed them to my reptiles. Some species I was successful in breeding, others were not, I guess I didnt pay enough attention then. Anyway, I was watching a re run of a Jeff Corwin episode just recently where he found a Blaberus giganteus and became instantly addicted! I started collecting them again for the past month or so and have so far gotten around 40 species, but I'm still looking to add more and more...
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