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  1. Hey! It had always been my understanding that hissers were the most prominently used roaches in fictional film and tv - though since my mate asked me for examples for an assignment he is doing, all I can really think of is Starship Troopers? Could you guys add to the list? As many as possible! Would be greatly appreciated by my frustrated mind AND my mate who needs the info Thank you!
  2. Is the table of contents available for viewing somewhere? Besides general curiosity - I would like to know if/how well the book covers the Panesthinae species (other than Macropanesthia). Thank you
  3. I pretty much use all my colonies for composting. Overall the Eublaberus spp. will do most of the processing - however - relative to colony size I would say that Pycnoscelus surinamensis and Pycnoscelus nigra are the most efficient. At least in my experience. All the species i currently keep are actually handling composting duty really well. I was quite surprised with how well even Blaberidae sp. "Kenya" did.. Compared to their size ofcourse! Blaberus spp. are just not my thing I have kept a handfull of Blaberus spp. in the past - primarily as feeders - and I guess I just got bored with them? Same goes for hissers really.. I usually don't get "bored" with any species - but these just don't appeal to me anymore :/ I think i might go ahead and give Hemiblabera tenebricosa and Henschoutedenia flexivitta a try and keep my eye on the possibilities of Periplaneta americana. Perhaps look into Byrsotria spp.? I had a colony of Byrsotria fumigata once but I don't recall much about those guys. Thanks again /DPO
  4. Thank you for your input! I agree. After a bit more research I don't really think that Blatta orientalis (or Paratemnopteryx couloniana for that matter) will do that well.. I have had multiple and quite large colonies of Blaptica dubia in the past (when I had a ton of tarantulas to feed) - my only problem being that they seemed extremely picky about what they would eat.. at least compared to my other species. Any thoughts on Hemiblabera tenebricosa or Henschoutedenia flexivitta?
  5. I already have N. cinerea and they are wonderful I really like E. floridana and P. americana (the White-eyed in particular) -- but from what I've heard those two are somewhat of a nightmare to contain? Also a bit worried about the P. americana as a potential pest. I'm also looking into Blatta orientalis and Paratemnopteryx couloniana at the moment. Not quite sure about them though. Thank you /DPO
  6. I agree with you 100% on the P. surinamensis! P. nigra is actually even more voracious in my experience! But as I wrote - I'm looking for suggestions other than those Thank you for your attention! /DPO
  7. Hello! I am looking into expanding my collection a bit and would like some suggestions from you guys. The roaches I am looking for should posses a number of attributes: They should be hardy, fairly easy to breed and rather easily contained. Voracious and polyphagous. Thrive in, or atleast tolerate, humid conditions well. They should basically be able to somewhat handle composting duty.. and that's pretty much the general outline! (Some rules can be bent, others broken.) Perhaps something like Hemiblabera tenebricosa or Henschoutedenia flexivitta or something like that? My collection is currently focused mainly on Pycnoscelus spp. and Eublaberus spp. but other than that I have Shelfordella lateralis, Nauphoeta cinerea and Blaberidae sp. "Kenya" - so suggestions other than those would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! /DPO
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