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  1. 2 hours ago, Arthroverts said:

    Their care is pretty much identical to most other millipedes, although they like cooler temperatures than some of the tropical species. They are spirobolids as well, meaning quality rotting wood in quantity is necessary to keep them healthy.

    What temperature were you keeping them at, and did the substrate dry out? Was there obvious cracks or scars in their exoskeletons? Were they lethargic when you first got them? If you can answer these questions it will be easier to determine the cause of death.


    Hope this helps,



    Temps 75-76 F; moist substrate; I do believe there were a couple scars; one seemed letharigic when the seller packaged them.

    I just went back and replaced the dead ones, these ones are younger and livelier. 

  2. Does anyone know how to care for these? I purchased three from a local expo, however two passed later in the day. One continues to thrive so I don't think my setup/care is the cause of their deaths, however I still want to make sure I take care of them right. I'm getting the dead ones replaced and want to avoid this predicament again. If anyone has nay theories on why they died please let me know!

  3. Sometimes substrates(Ex. Timberline Top Soil) harbor nematodes that consume decaying organic matter, such as leaves, boluses, and dead animals. It may be possibly that your roaches are not are not infected by a parasitic nematode, rather soil nematodes that happen to facilitate the decomposition of dead roaches. I haven't heard about any problems regarding the presence of these soil nematodes, and personally witness them in some of my containers, however in small populations. I would suggest drying out your substrate since these organisms rely heavily on moisture.

  4. Hi ,

    I wanted to use some organic compost for my isopod and roach enclosures. The Miracle Gro, "Nature's Good compost" which has no fertilizer but has microorganisms which makes sense but are they safe for my inverts? What are your thoughts? Thanks

  5. If you are good with Periplaneta, you will end up like me, selling a colony of 300 and still finding ooths all over wood and in different enclosures :P The only Periplaneta spp. I will now get is japonica. Nothing else other than MAYBE white eyes...

    Well the P. Americana spp. are the only Periplaneta species left for me since japonica isn't in Florida :/

  6. May I ask what you will use them for ? I had put some roly poly in my roach bins thinking they would eat poop and roach shed skins .... but all they eat is egg crates and multiply faster than guppies .. for me, they are kindof pointless...

    Do you have substrate? if you do, change the eggcrates to corkbark it will last longer.

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