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  1. the substrate is full of adult superworms, i've searched at any given time theres only one or two adults that have the chance to change, i need to find some way of killing the superworms naturally without killing the roaches, that is my only option, there must be some food or substance that kills superworms but not roaches, any help is truly appreciated, i did not know three superworms could do this, with how the tank is set up its hard to get any of the worms out, they seem to feed on the wood i have in the tank, theres alot of hiding and climbing places only the roaches can get to so the worms don't bite the roaches at all because there kept well fed, etc. i feed supers to my tarantula he can eat a couple dozen at a time so thats one when of getting rid of them also feeding them to my turtle, i just need a way to stop breeding supers so that the adults die off, once again any help is appreciated, please no responces about sterilizing substrate, that is not an option, alternate methods are needed.
  2. are there any foods super worms and the adult darkling beetles are allergic too that hissers are not? With college I do not have the time to remove everything from the tank and take the substrate out?
  3. so there is now way to keep these two together because i feed them quite well and they get along with each other? the substrate is deep enough, the worms stay burrowed most of them time?
  4. i used to breed them so i got the nack of it but i only bred them for my piranha who as i stated died so i threw the several remaining in with the roaches and they took off.
  5. I have a 55 Gallon Tank of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches and before I went to college I used to raise superworms as well for my Piranha who died in the Spring and i decided to let my Hissers take up residence in the tank which i tried to make look as natural as possible to there home-land. My major question is I had like three superworms left alive before I went to College so I threw them in with my Hissers because they live in rotting wood as well and to my suprise I come home from college and now the substrate is full of the big guys, they even climb up the wood I have in the tank and interact with the Hissers. My question is, would this poss any threat to the Hissers? There kind of impossible to get rid of now. I put them in thinking they would eat food that falls that the Hissers dont eat to prevent mold and it worked, now it seems it worked too well.
  6. Not as many dying as before but i can't seem to get the humidity to go down because it is really high it lowers so slowly, i still see a few die here and there but umm this is a really important question im leaving for 10 days i need some kind of food they could survive on for ten days, and the temp is down to 85
  7. Well someone told me that they thrive in high temp and humidity and also I feed them dandelions for calcium, no one ever told me almonds were deadly for them, I have coconut fiber and wood chips but its not pine, I have them in a 15 gallon tube with holes in the lid, I have a rock, a couple egg cartons cut up, a flower pot for them to hide under, a food dish and a water dish with sponges in it and a thermometer and humidity gauge so I can tell where its at.
  8. Well my female just had babies so lets cross our fingers and hope those survive, i mean at least half of the others survived but i just don't know
  9. No mites, no aborted oothecas, no i feed almonds for protein, Cannibalism is not the main problem, there dying before the others eat them, well my female had babies but it doesn't seem overcrowded to me, and i use hermit crab dirt and these wood pellets but its not not pinewood.
  10. No it doesn't smell, I just don't get it the nymphs become really week and then the others eat them i feel like crying everytime i open the container.
  11. I have Madagascar Hissers, I keep the humidity very high, i supply water in a bowl with sponges, I started washing the veggies and fruits to see if that was the problem, Are fruits and veggies are rather clean without it but yeah ummm, 90-95 i believe, I keep a bunch of cut up egg cartons, a flower pot and a rock in there for them to hide so yeah thats all I can think of.
  12. I feed them very well i believe, Almonds, Oranges on occasion also carrots now and then and lettuce and sometimes ill throw in celery and crackers which they like to nibble on, but the ones that die don't show any symptoms until the next day, is it bad if they eat each other? Is that why it keeps happening?
  13. My nymphs started dying a week ago and i don't know why, i thought it might be there food or there water but i changed both and washed the orange i put in. The symtoms are twitching of the legs, going on there back, inability to walk, seizuring of the stomach and convulsions, and the othern nymphs are eating each other, its only happening to the nymphs and it even happened to one of the bigger nymphs. Please help i need helpe ASAP or all my nymphs will be dead!
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