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  1. to feed my trantulas,scorpions an centipedes cause crickets are not always easy to obtain.
  2. do water crystals have to be kept in the frige. or can i just keep in a closed container at room temp.
  3. i don't mist or use a heating device.room temp does well enough for me seems like water crystals handle the humity well enough.you can use the crystals from a home an garden center.heck of alot cheaper than ordering from a dealer.as of right now i have a new cluch of babies.
  4. i bought a doz adult hissers an put them a large sterlite storage box.used 1-2in of peatmoss fed them oatmeal an bran mixed.there were kept in a back room at room temp.about 2 months i had 100-200 babies.also the only water supply was water crystals an greens from time to time.
  5. here a few pics. S.polymorpha-5 A.gigas-4 S.subspinipes.De Haani.Mau Chau-3 N.americanus-50
  6. the millies are great i have 3 Giant Africans an about 50 N.americanus i catch locally.
  7. ray

    new guy

    thanks for the welcome! the ones i most feed my centipedes are lobster an discoids.
  8. ray

    new guy

    hi all. my name is Ray Wells im from middle Tenn an am currently keeping 6 diffrent roaches as feeders.for my collection of 37 Trantulas an 13 centipedes an i hope to make new friends here.
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