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  1. Mine go crazy for this smoothie I make for my beardie. Dandelion greens, collard greens, carrot, butternut squash, acorn squash, mango, bit of strawberry and raspberry, snap peas and okra bits and a bit of water all blended together. The texture is a bit jello-y so it doesn't get everywhere. Both my Dubias and Hissers pretty much go into a frenzy over this stuff. That and a little bit of Orijen natural dog food (I have to put in extra... always... because they'll actually fight each other for it). I swear they act as if I never feed them ever. O.O They breed like crazy though - I guess they REALLY like it. I've gotta try the plantains somebody mention - I ALWAYS have extra in my house!
  2. Hello and greetings from New Jersey! I'm a college student that had a brand new lizard to feed and started raising roaches only to fall in love with them. Seriously. I love my Dubias and I just got a bunch of Halloween Hissers. Ended up buying some Question Marks as well and now I'm absolutely hooked and fascinated with them (try explaining that to mum... lol). Hoping to learn lots from this forum while I lurk around. So yeah. Hi! Really nice to find a community that won't go EWWWWWWW when I show them my babies. Oh! One question - how many of you wear gloves to handle your roaches? I've been seeing people handle them with gloves because you can become allergic and without them and I have no idea what's the correct way. I just pick up my chill ones and let them hang out. Is this alright?
  3. So, in about June I bought some Question Mark (Therea olegrandjeani) nymphs. I ordered 3 and they gave me 6 and I counted them all out and they've got a proper enclosure. Well, I went to change out a bit of substrate (found a better source for substrate) and went to check on them while in the process and so far, I've only counted out 2.... I thought they couldn't climb glass as nymphs? I hope I didn't goof up not getting a cover attached on time. Was certain that nymphs could not climb glass/smooth plastic and that they take aaaaaaages to mature when they're very tiny. It's not even the larger one I have that's missing, it's the really tiny ones I had. They don't cannibalise, do they? Thanks!
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