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  1. Carabids are very particular as to their conditions, unfortunately.
  2. I welcome you. We've been expecting you. *lightning strikes in the background*.
  3. Alright. Once I get a few more opinions I'll try it. I'm very, very hesitant, because if I put it in there and I'm wrong, all my roaches will die. Better to be safe than sorry, as they say.
  4. Greetings! I am in need of a few pictures of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches for a website! I'm just more than slightly obsessed with my roaches (I'm sure anyone who's kept roaches is.) and I'd like to put a few pictures on the site. I'm also doing the site so I can practice my newly-learned HTML skillz! I, being the typical overly-obsessed teenager insect nerd, don't have a custom domain as of yet, however I would still like to make it appear as nice as possible (Even if it's a .blogspot domain, doesn't matter. Aesthetical pleasure + professional content = good website.) So, I need a picture of several cockroaches. - I need permission to use your pictures (I'll still credit you of course.) and - I need the picture to be of satisfactory quality (Not blurry, not grainy, good definition.)
  5. No, he wasn't old. Very young, actually. 5th instar. Much disappointment. To preserve a roach you can stick him in a jar filled with 70-90 percent Isopropyl alcohol. That's what I did with Cornelius.
  6. My roach loves strawberry with honey on it. I probably wasted way too many strawberries on him lol.
  7. Woke up this morning. He flipped himself over overnight and decided NOT to grab onto anything. He killed himself.
  8. You're raising Calosoma species? That is just the most awesome thing I think I have ever seen. I apologise for my enthusiasm. But Calosoma species are one of my all time favorite beetles. You ought to post a guide.
  9. Ah, clever idea! I've not the slightest idea why such a thing had escaped my mind. *Facepalms*. Thank you! I just now went outside and found a bunch of sticks and branches, and am freezing them for 72 hours to get the bacteria and mold killed. Thank you for your intelligence, of which I appear to lack.
  10. Squidsalad makes a very good point Maybe someone here ought to do their own experiments. I would very much appreciate seeing the results of said experiments.
  11. Greetings and welcome! This forum is a great source for amassing knowledge on roached, but don't get mad if you don't get replies right away. The roach forums don't get as much traffic as other pet forums, because roaches aren't the most common of pets. Welcome! And have fun!
  12. Every day, he'll try to climb the sides of the tank, and he will flip himself over. I've come in and rescued him several times, but he just keeps doing it! He's healthy, eating, and active. But he keeps flipping himself over. Is there any way I can prevent this or have him climb on something else? Because if he keeps this up, he'll be dead soon. I don't want him dead. Has anyone else any experience with this?
  13. Maybe you should feed him less food. Some animals will eat as much of available food as they can. In the wild, the animal doesn't know when the next meal will be available, so it'll eat as much as it can whenever it can. Meaning that if you feed it more food, he's going to eat larger portions.
  14. Much interesting! However, they also use drooling as a defense, as if to say "My spit tastes bad! Don't eat me!"
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