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  1. The millis look like Florida Bumblebee Millipedes Anadenobolus monilicornis Grats on the finds Kevin
  2. I have always used vaseline as a barrier for my climbers without any problems. Just recently a couple of my bins had the vaseline slide down the wall. It has only been on a single side that does it. It literally cracks away from the rest of the sides and just slides on down to the bottom. Talk about a pain.....not to mention worrying about something climbing out until I notice it. It seems to be happening to the new tubs? I haven't done anything new other than it being the newer tubs. Any ideas? anyone ever experience this sort of thing? Kevin
  3. I agree the neon blue geckos are awesome
  4. brown/tan wing stubs are adults. I can't tell you much other than that....Im just starting out with them as well. Kevin
  5. Discoids have really been terrible for me to.... For some reason they rarely will give birth and just don't seem to do well. All my other 21 species of roach have had no problems...some to early to tell. Kevin
  6. Thats what I was going off of also..... it must be americana haha. Just an update. The darker brown male is a lot darker brown almost black. The reddish brown male has remained the same color. Kevin
  7. I was thinking that all of my Parcoblatta sp were americana but I am now not so sure. I was guessing that species based on where I found them. Up in the mountains twain harte, Ca. After a few males matured in the last few days it appears that one male is smaller, a different color, and not as skinny/long as the other males. Now im really confused. Any ideas on what species im dealing with? 1 or 2? Thanks Kevin
  8. Haha thats awesome ! I like the background totally cool. Kevin
  9. Thought I would share a pic of some E. chopardi clustered together. Kevin
  10. Heres a pic of an adult pair. Kevin
  11. Kevin

    Sullie Eggs!

    Thats awesome! Congrats on the clutch. Hopefully they will be fertile Kevin
  12. Different species of Parcoblatta here but I have noticed very young babies all the way up to sub adults during fall and winter. Then the snow buries them all...... Kevin
  13. oh ok haha thanks for the clarification. Kevin
  14. Looks very nice. I like how its organized. Do you happen to have pictures of the Hemiblaberae brunneus? I haven't heard of that one before. Kevin
  15. I just use lids off of cheap tupperware containers. Like ones where you get 3-6 per pack for just a few bucks. They usually have a rim which will keep food from falling out but yet it isn't to tall for them to get into. If a lot of food is going to be applied then you just mound it up on there. Kevin
  16. I can't wait to see it Good luck Kevin
  17. http://www.doubleds.org/newfeederpg.html
  18. They are only 1 inch long max. I am located in California. Kevin
  19. Well today I went to my grandparents cabin do some maintenance and of course I had to go browse the forest for critters. Found a few bright red soil centipedes, 1 decent sized Tiger centipede. But my favorite find was Xystocheir spp millipedes. They glow under UV light like scorpions do. I have never found them before, but it does appear they are only around during fall and winter. Kevin
  20. So I saw this Eurycotis decipiens molting on the side of the glass tank. I was thinking to myself hmm thats an interesting spot to do it..... I was trying to figure out how it was gonna crawl out of its skin and not fall. About 5 minutes later I was sitting on the computer... and heard a loud plop. She fell right off the wall. Didn't hurt her but it was still funny. Never seen one molt on a wall like that. URL=http://img69.imageshack.us/i/glowpedes001.jpg/][/url] Kevin
  21. hmm great lol. So do you think I should bump the humidity up a little? There must be something wrong.... ugh Guess I will have to keep messing with it. I keep ya posted. Thanks Kevin
  22. hmmm ok haha I was planning on adding more egg cartons..... I just hadn't yet since there was only 3 in there. I will add more tonight. Thanks Kevin
  23. I feed and water them every 2-3 days. The cage is a bit drier right now than I normally keep it. This is really the only roach species I have had trouble with. Food is crushed cat and fish food. I offer oranges, tangerine or veggies in small amounts a few times a week. Do you think they need more humidity? It is only 1 of 3 cages that I have which are tanks with screen lids. Everything else is rubbermaid containers. Kevin
  24. After a few months of waiting my few adults finally produced 2 egg cases. The problem is that they both are shriveled and look bad. They are tiny as well. One side of the tank is dryish and the other side is moist. Any ideas on what im doing wrong? Thanks Kevin
  25. Interesting article that I came across. http://scienceblogs.com/grrlscientist/2010...es_new_spec.php Kevin
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