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  1. If you are using them as feeders just a warning, I've read more then once that keeping different species together will slow down breeding. Not sure how true it is but it always made sense to me x) Maybe someone with some experience with this will chime as I've never had a communal set-up.
  2. I don't think it was me, i'll go through my photobucket and get back to you though =]

  3. Oh ordered two calendars! I was talking about the species on the cover
  4. Hmmm, makes me wonder when they'll be available for sale Also a very awesome cover, I was very excited to see it.
  5. It looks awesome! Good job everyone and thank you Peter for setting up the opportunity for us
  6. I'm not sure if Dubia like it more then cat or dog food but my roaches love the ferret food I feed them. Some of the larger species will eat a whole piece of ferret food in one go (Females to be exact). I've tried giving my roaches dog/cat food opposed to the ferret food a couple of times and it gets nibbled on but ferret food is almost always gone.
  7. N. rhombifolia http://x.co/c5O5 P. striatus http://x.co/c5O1
  8. I'm sorry! I didn't get to post in time I have at least one photo I can submit if you guys want me to! Just let me know! It got super hectic at work!!!
  9. I am pretty excited for this! Orin posted a pretty good shot of what I was planning on posting. I don't have anything professional either so I suppose I am feeling a little discouraged x) I'll have to take some new pictures for this contest Nick
  10. It's honestly not that huge of a secret. I just thought it was a great idea when I thought of it x) I am positive I am not the only person to use this method. All I did was take some screen from a old reptile enclosure and made a sift out of it. I tested it out on the couple tiny nymphs before I took it out for testing and it was the perfect size. While I was sifting at this spot I found 20-30 hatched ooths and they were all found within 10ft of eachother and they were 30ft above a stream/waterfall on the side of a canyon/hill. I will go out again soon. I have a meeting at work on Thursday and the spot is right around the corner so maybe I will go then
  11. Not at all! The method I used to find them was so quick and easy I could imagine over collecting happening very easily. Although maybe it was just a very lucky chance I had found them so easily. I haven't been able to go out and try it again though it has been incredibly windy here!
  12. Very cool, one of my friends was with me on a hike around 10pm and he pointed a roach out to me which was a mature male. That's what prompted me to start digging. Surprisingly no I didn't find these along or near the Santa Ana River although I want to try finding them there too because it seems like such an ideal spot for them. There is water running through this spot though, I guess these were on the side of a hill maybe 20-30 feet away from running water.
  13. I have since found some here in Riverside! I have also developed a very cool method to collect them. It's such a good one I don't really want to post it in fear of over collecting. I will try out your method as well! What would you find? Adult males, adult females, sub adults, nymphs, or just a wide variety of them?
  14. Well here are the pictures I told you guys I'd upload x) took awhile but I was finally able to get to a computer! Adult male, he didn't last to long from when I found him. I pinned him and once I get a female (when she dies) I'd like to frame the two in a shadow box for display. Here's the nymph picture, it's not that great I could have taken a better one but I was somewhat rushed. Nick
  15. Well I finally found some here within bicycling distance (7 mile ride and a twenty minute hike). I found four nymphs and a friend of mine found a male wandering around which made me decide to dig. I only had tongs on me so I wasn't able to dig/sift more the four inches down. I also found a ton of hatched ooths which were very oddly shaped. I thought the first one I found must've been a first ooth for the female but every one I found was like the first one. I can't see more then three or four nymphs being able to hatch from a ooth. I'll have access to a computer shortly and I can post pictures of the male and maybe the nymphs to get them ID'd. Nick
  16. Hey, Oscar! Glad to see you finally joined the forum ;D Nick
  17. Very cool! I always wondered if they were along the coast. I also assumed they were more of a desert species as well. I have some hope for my local spot now, I just have to start digging!
  18. It seems to be a A. bilineatus, Ozy Very nice pictures.
  19. Thanks I also have some bark on it's side along the side of the enclosure half burried. They seem to love it there.
  20. I wanted to take a comparison shot, so here it is the olgranjeani is a female. The only male I had is old and not so great looking for a comparison.
  21. Just got back from my cycling adventure and I came home to find a couple of neat sights. E. opaca female with an ooth. It seems like great news...but I can't find the ooths now, I think the male has been eating them so I will be removing him from the enclosure. One of the larger T. olgrandjeani females I have seen. I can see her producing tons of ooths Nick
  22. I got 9 large nymphs from a friend of mine 3 years ago, this is a product from those nine (none of which looked like this). I could ask him where he got them, but who knows if he'd remember.
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