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  1. Well I just pulled this one out from all the nymphs my adults a couple years ago produced. They've all started maturing so I have been culling out the adults to keep track of the reproduction rate. What do you guys think about this? Nick
  2. I've always been a fan of hots. I have just been waiting for the right time to keep one or two of them. Very cool pictures though
  3. They have always interested me. I have been recently been thinking about collecting a handful of adults and set them up in a nice display tank. I know of a population of them along the river here (fairly untouched by humans, and contains no pesticides).
  4. I was helping out at that table. I was waiting for someone to come along and mention the roach forum. No one ever did though :0 Anyways I picked up some L. subcicnta for less the $3 a nymph Edit: Did you ask to buy two of the colony starters when we only had one left? I remember just dumping a ton in for one customer.
  5. I'll be there! I'm not bringing anything to sell this time though. I'll more then likely be helping out at the scabies table. Also a friend of mine with have some domino and glowspots nymphs up for sale for anyone interested. Just find me and I'll lead you to him Nick
  6. Got back from my trip to find all of my grandjeani's passed. (they were old) If they are molting out like that I can't really imagine it be due to fading or anything along those lines. Infact I have some freshly matured petiveriana. I'll take some pictures in a few minutes and share them. They won't be crystal clear like your shots, but that is only because I don't have a computer to upload onto anymore x) Edit: Female Male The female matured before I left town, and the two males that matured did it while I was gone. So these are no older then 3 weeks old. Nick
  7. I've noticed with my E. opaca they will eat another roaches exuviae. I watched a very freshly molted opaca wander away and the others swarmed in.
  8. I give mine fresh fruits to fresh veggies weekly. I give them a high protien ferret food on occasion. I notice certain species with nibble on me if they want protien. Also I've noticed other species eat the protien more often then others, so I offer it to others more often. I've always given a good variety and most of my cultures seem to be cranking out ooths/babies.
  9. I'm not home at the moment, but I'll take some in the next couple days. Well if Orin thinks it may be different you may want to look into it a bit further It just looks like some of the fading that happens to mine.
  10. Therea Peteriverinia Looks like the white has been stained/faded. I notice this happens with my olgrandjeani too.
  11. Nice this is the only one I don't have that are in the hobby. I will have to acquire some soon!
  12. Wow they look like something different. I would assume you'd have to dissect and compare the genitalia. I'm not a huge fan of blaberus but I'd like to get my hands on a pair or two of these.
  13. I recently had a male Eurycotis opaca mature. I don't know if it is a common occurrence within the genus or not but he started hissing when I would prod him onto my hand. I'm sure it isn't a big deal but I thought it was cool
  14. Neat! I think I was told Arenivaga males can fly too
  15. I can't wait for mine to mature! Good luck with babies
  16. Well I'm going to a spot in the desert this Saturday or Sunday that I suspect they are at. Then on Monday afternoon I and going back to the local spot to set some traps and to dig around so I hope I find some!
  17. There was just a thread about the eucalyptus issue. There are some species that are safe, and some that aren't. I would personally just use oak. It doesn't hurt to be on the safe side, right? Especially with such a hard to find species !
  18. Yeah I was disappointed that they took so long to mature, but once they reached maturity they are very short lived. They are still one of my favorites regardless though
  19. I honestly can't remember how long mine lived. The ooths took 5-6 months to hatch, and all my adults were dead by then. I want to say around 4 months give or take some.
  20. I have a ton of babies that were captive born while basically in my possession. They are past the two year mark, and I honestly think they still need a good 6-7 months to mature. They stayed small for most of the time. Within the past few months I have seen them get some good size on them though
  21. Id like to think it wasn't extinct. There have been a few un-confirmed sightings of them, with out pictures or DNA evidence of course. That doesn't mean they werent real or fake though. A couple Universities have claimed sightings too. Edit: If I lived in their suspected current habitat I would look for proof too x) I don't think it is as farfetched as Bigfoot though. We've had these birds in captivity at one point in time, so it isn't like they never existed.
  22. That's where I checked I need to get another spade before I go again though. It's so nice there, I wonder how many people hike in as far as I do.
  23. Recenly ive had mature males climb up smooth plastic. If you want some males I would suggest using a barrier
  24. Redlands isn't far from me at all :0 where have you been looking in Redlands? I know at least a couple different types of habitats here to search for random things. I've never hunted in Redlands though. Well our friends in Florida dug would find them 7-12in, they also pointed out that the sand seemed too compacted for them at about 2ft if I recall correctly.
  25. That sounds good to me! I don't even know if this spot has any, so it's kind of a shot in the dark. Plus I don't even know if I'm searching right, if I went to your spot I would at least know they were there.
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