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  1. Recluse, the cool thing about this is, I can set traps during the day and I can easily get there during the night before the sun rises to check them. I also know the area really well so I can normally cover a lot of ground there.
  2. I've been thinking of this genus a lot lately, and with all the luck that our Florida friends have shared with us it got me itching to try to find them. This spot is located in Riverside California and it's about an hours drive away from Palm springs (the desert where I am assuming they are at). I remembered how sandy it was here and recalled they were only found in moist parts of the sand. A river runs through most this area so I assumed it was worth a shot since it is about a mile from my house and especially since I don't drive. This is a picture of the hike in. Picture of what I can only assume is their habitat and full of Arenivaga x) Just a neat picture of a palm tree that had a super tiny woodpecker in it. Any ways my trip was cut shot due to not being being fully prepared. Also my spade broke because I got it from the 99cent store xD When I did get a chance to dig it wasn't very moist because I didn't have a chance to hike closer to the river before sunset. So what do you guys think about this spot? Any chance of them being here?
  3. Thank you for the information! I may be getting the chance to go search this weekend
  4. I found some information that leads me to believe this genus comes out at night (I would assume when the moon is hidden). I read about people catching these with pit fall traps. I would like to go camping out in the desert soon to try digging, setting up pit falls, and possibly trying to catch them out of the sand. Were they found near or underneath any plants as suspected? Very cool you guys were able to find some though the only non pest roach I've found were parcoblatta. Keep us updated!
  5. I have a wild caught adult pair of these, and the female laid eggs about a month ago I've had the pair for about a year now, and this is their first clutch. This one I found hatched this morning. This is one hatching out as I type this
  6. Nice pictures I have to borrow one of my friends camera so I can try capturing a image of freshly hatched psuedomops. My own camera has a nice macro but not as good as my friends. (too bad he doesn't know how to use it though!) x)
  7. Well I've never seen a orientalis male with it and they have short wings. I suppose I wouldn't be able to see it on a lateralis male. Thanks, Ralph!
  8. I think I found my answer. A defensive secretion? Can both sexes produce it? I've only seen the orientalis and lateralis females with on them.
  9. I have seen this secretion on blatta orientalis adult females before, and I've always been curious as to what it is. I just noticed my Neostylopyga rhombifolia with the same secretion in the exact same place as the orientalis (the last two ventral segments on the top of the roaches, not on the cerci). Only two have the secretion, and I do not believe any of the three are adults yet. Actually after taking a closer look they all have the secretion, and it is also on the cerci.
  10. I knew they would go fast so I jumped on the chance! Hopefuly they breed for me, and Kyle is able to keep them going too.
  11. Nice! I have a few species in glass enclosures now. If ever have an office job I will probably put a nice non burrowing species in a tank to keep my distracted x)
  12. Thanks everyone! Yes they are, Ralph. Eurycotis opaca "type 2".
  13. Just got some roaches from, Kyle. Fun stuff pictures are taken with my iPod touch so they arent perfect but alright.
  14. I sleep in the same room as all my animals so I hear a lot of movement at night, especially from the Eublaberus!
  15. All the pictures were taken with my iPod so they are perfect quality, but decent I just set everything up like this about a month ago, I really like the way I have it right now. Feeding and checking up takes half the time it used to! I also have some native stuff in my closet, and a big 30g tank with a female C. cyaneopubescens in it on a desk, and various snake enclosures.
  16. They were fine with eachother before any females matured. I caught them chasing eachother shortly after the first female matured. Like I said though, none of the other adults have even a nibble in their wings. I think it could be sex related. I should keep a couple males/females separately then a two male one female combination.
  17. I know that Eublaberus posticus is infamous for wing biting, I am not sure about the whole genus though. Anyways the first one of mine to mature a month ago I noticed that one of his legs molted out funky and he was slower then the rest. I didn't think much of it at the time to be honest. I took a closer look at the colony today and I noticed all my adults had no bites in their wings, until I came across this particular male. All the other adults didn't even have a nibble out of their wings. I felt bad for the male and put him in his own home. My guess is that all the males started getting defensive and a little possessive over the maturing females that this little guy got beat up because he was much slower then the rest of them (I had 5 males mature before any females). Just wanted to share this observation with you all
  18. Haha! Great list! I always have something specific I am looking for. I almost never find it, but I always find neat stuff in-between though I never come home empty handed.
  19. Looks like he was trying to breed with her. I caught some of my Eublaberus acting somewhat like that right after a female matured. Mine succeeded to breed with her. Maybe he was "claiming" her with his pheremones for when she is ready to breed?
  20. I want to say the two that matured are a little over a inch, and the rest besides a couple are about 3/4's of an inch.
  21. Gyna bisannulata to be more specific. Okay I am sexing them "ventrally" either counting or size difference between the sexes. Either I dont know what I am doing, or I got all males out of twelve (this would not shock me as I have been having very bad luck recently). If I got all males I will be very bummed out, so someone tell me I am sexing them wrong! x) Oh I know two are males for sure (they matured) Any tips/info would be appreciated!
  22. Thats how some adults I bought were like awhile back. I still have a nymph thriving and we are keeping them almost the same. I dont have sand in the container but everything else I do.
  23. Youll never have enough. I assumed I would happy with what I got with my last few additions for at least a few months...that thought lasted about a month in a half! Im already considering ordering more x)
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