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  1. Very cool I have a tons of roaches, but I have them in smaller containers at the moment. I took pictures of everything, I should post them. The species that have the largest homes are my T. petiverina and my D. orini's. Well now that I think about it the E. sp. "ivory" have the largest home only because there are a ton of them. My psedudomops have a decent size home as well, I love watching them run around.
  2. Congrats My first roach babies were discoids, then after that I think I had to wait five or six months but I had a ton of thera petriveriana x) Which was exciting I wanted a huge colony of them.
  3. That's awesome I got into beetles myself recently as well. Nice avatar picture too! Congratulations on the baby grubs though!
  4. Sorry for the loss! Did you get any babies from them? I have two pairs and they haven't produced yet. They may just have a long gestation period like the Madagascan hissers? I seem to have tiny white mights in some of my enclosures as well but they don't seem to be harmful at all. I noticed I get them from leaving food on the substrate, so I started using vial lids as a food "plate" and I don't see them as much anymore.
  5. That's actually a good idea Ralph. I'd quarantine it until it molts again, just in case! Better to be safe then sorry
  6. I've had a roach molt out like that once. It molted out again fine. I'm not sure what exactly causes it, but I have only seen it once before.
  7. I sent a couple pics to Orin of the same species, they have this "iridescent" look to them in person. I've never been able to capture it. I have two decent photo's of my last adult. I have several babies though. I rarely find them, and the have different behavior compared the P. laevis or any other ispod I have kept for that matter.
  8. I've always wanted to bee keep. Like you I have no room too. My uncle has a friend who has bees next to forest that has all these flowers, and it does something really exotic tasting to the honey. It's some of the best honey ive ever had. I hope yours turns out awesome as well! Keep us updated
  9. Thank you Orin! I know some species die soon after maturing, so I was just worried I'd miss my chance to get these going. I have a couple more close to maturing so that puts my mind at ease. These are becoming a fast favorite of mine!
  10. If they are carolinensis I want some x) I had a friend with a huge female for awhile here in California, we searched desperately for a male with out any luck. I was out of state recently and I tried finding some but it was still to cold.
  11. I had one mature and I just had a couple questions. Do all adults have wings? Or do adult females look similar to sub adults? How short lived or long lived are they after they reach sexual maturity? Thanks, Nick
  12. That is a amazing enclosure. I wish I was handy and could make things like that.
  13. I am on this forum more then any other. Though I do have a lot of different invertebrate and animal interests. I do think your right, we are a much closer knit society then a lot of others. That is probably why I keep coming back. Love you guys ;D
  14. I have D. plexippus migrate through my yard yearly. I just got some shots of one the other week (didn't come out so great though). I have some H. Lineata caterpillars right now that im raising up. Yeah it is, when I dislocated my sholdur I had weird footing and my arm was in odd position. It was a big slip/fall but just the awkwardness of it all made it bad xD
  15. Welcome Ian Parnassius as in the genus of butterflys? That would have scared me pretty bad xD I probably would ve reconsidered rock climbing there. Ive dislocated my sholdur scaling a cliff here in my city, not fun while in that much pain. Finding new species of roach has always been a goal of mine one day. We can dream right? x)
  16. Looks like a wasp :0 I'm jealous! Hopefully we can see these in u.s culture soon!
  17. I'll be up there in August for a week. I'll let you know if I find anything
  18. I only have a couple feeder spieces, but I only gave the feeders small amounts of it. The majority of my roaches a pets.
  19. I think ill be using it more often now. I still have a almost brand new bag to use. They have cheaper brands at the store I buy it, I'll have to take a look and compare the nutrition facts on the bags. I love giving them a variety, I feel it is a key in keeping happy and healthy roaches. So mine will be getting fresh fruits and veggies plus the new addition of hard food.
  20. My pet ferret passed away last week, so I figured last night I would try it out for my roaches. I never give them dog food, my roaches normally get fresh fruits and veggies. My friends tell me they get fed better then most humans. I was a bit skeptical about feeding it because I wasn't sure if they would like it or not, but they went crazy over it! The shy species I have would come out and eat right in front of me, when they don't normally at all. I took some pictures and a couple videos. I wish I had more though. I'll be posting shortly
  21. I have had some good luck with tarantulas. I have bred C. cyaneopubescens successfully, I don't have a very high death rate with slings (Thats especially true for my Avics). I started with fish, then to reptiles, now I am really big on invertebrates and have been so for about three years now.
  22. It is, but I found the parcoblatta in Bakersfield. Ive never found them here in southern Cali. I think all the good stuff is up in northern California. Lucky for me I go to San Jose every few months or so, maybe I can convince my girlfriend to take me bug hunting x] There are some calisoga sp. I want from up there too.
  23. Ive only found the parcoblatta here once. They are the only ones I've found here besides pest species, and orientalis.
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