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  1. My Dubias weren't overly joyed by cantaloupe :l I've even had them eat eggshell! Also they barely touched strawberries But I generally stay away from bananas as well because for some reason the pesticide causes problems in my colony. Maybe organic would be fine but they aren't overjoyed when it's introduced regardless.
  2. Welcome! Wish my science teachers would've had roaches growing up! (We just had poorly maintained mealworms in one of them:l Good to have someone showing kids that roaches don't exist only in ratty apartment buildings!
  3. Just a few of my female Guyana Orange Spotted Cockroaches.... or Dubias..... or Blaptica Dubia. Whichever you prefer:) I'll have to get a crazy photo where there's a good number of them running around.
  4. Interesting.... are ejected Oothecae automatically a loss for Dubias? I haven't been able to find a clear answer :l
  5. Cat food seems to reaaaallly make mine go crazy. Just regular dry bargain cat food from the dollar store too so it's a cheap way to go:)
  6. Spider plants are always a good and easy addition! I use them for indoor plants in my reptile room (only florescent lights) and they grow fine! Also have them with some geckos and they provide scenery, shade, and I think they like pretennding they're huge dinosaurs when they occasionally pull down a 'leaf.' They even self reproduce if conditions are met!
  7. Hmmmmmmmm, if they do associate you with food, it would be a conditioned response (like previously mentioned) for them getting ready to eat food. If it's usuall only the first time a roach is handled that it happened that implies that roaches are much better at learning than Pavlov's shepherds! Of course it could be both, but i like the idea of association of food with the hand of the feeder:)
  8. Hi! I've got a rather large (at least I think it is....?) colony of Dubias, and I'm not entirely sure if it's time to split them up. I've had them for about a year, but the initial count was extremely low so they're just now jumping off! Wondering if it's time to split the adults up, or maybe adults, nymphs, and juvies? I think my count is in the mid 300's.. not sure though!!! Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Ahhhhh! I had a few adults die off and i suspected the banana 'treat' i gave them.... no more bananas from the grocery store:(
  10. Very cool! I hope you can select the gene and get a colony of them going!!! I've been thinking about breeding for my vibrant colors and selective traits, and this has given me hope for random mutations!!
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