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  1. That species thrives with a means of adjusting body temperature in fact all species I have attempted that with has had great success. This can be done in a few ways either with heat tape along side the container or a very low wattage bulb inside the cage. Like 15 watts.
  2. You guys are crazy! Box cutters and chisels?! A scrap piece of smooth plywood as backing with a simple clamp to prevent the work piece from moving is all you need If you want to make circular holes or use a drill bit. Different materials have a learning curve and plastics like plexiglass, lexan, hdpe, and ldpe will crack when cold. The trick is heating it up till it’s got just a little bit of give to it. You can use a hair dryer or just put the whole piece in a oven and set to low. Brad point bits are best for smooth clean holes as they eat away the material more evenly. But still use a scrap backing when applying force. When using a hole saw first get the guide bit in then run it in reverse. That way the heat from the friction of the teeth are what’s cutting the plastic and it will come out smooth. I will never recommend heating elements glued or screwed against plastic. Glass is better and safer. It is inert, water proof, and most important of all it is crystal clear so you can actively observe your charges. It’s huge draw back is the weight and pro ness to shattering, so I never go over 30 gal fish tank size. Aluminum screen is far to large. It does work for almost all of them but not B germanica sized ones!
  3. Order stainless steel micro mesh either 100 or 150 it’s available on eBay. A small roll will be plenty. Unfortunately most hardware stores don’t sell such specialty materials. In terms of getting it made for you. You can try looking for a shop that does signs in plastic. They can cut plexiglass, glass, or twin wall plastic. A small mom and pop place is usually happy to help out for minimal cost. But do remember you must frame plexiglas in metal, or else it will warp when heated. Glass and twin-wall will not warp so that might be a easier option for you. Yes I would definitely cut a vent. A 2 inch circular saw hole is enough for them. You can use any gel or two part adhesive. I really like silicone because it can flex if it has to. Glue guns don’t seem to stick so well for me. You can do a inexpensive LED strip light from HD.
  4. My advice for the smaller fast climbing species that are prone to escape would be make an enclosure with a big door and smaller access ports, that way you can manage the cage easily and still be able to do a tear down when needed. Personally I like glass tanks. You can make a escape proof lid out of plexiglass or polycarbonate that sits inside the lip of the tank. Especially for a day active sp like H palliata. That way you can enjoy watching them without risk for escape. There is a balance that needs to be achieved for the small humidity loving species. A range of moisture and temperature is needed. I recommend a ten gallon tank or a 20 long with a layer of sphagnum moss that ranges from moist to dry on top of the main substrate. Then comes the need for a temperature range 85 to 90 on the warm side to room temps on the cool end the same heating pads for reptiles work very well.
  5. I wouldn't hold my breath for change for the pet industry. I don’t know how much they would be willing to share if you are you were to acquire them for research with a university. Perhaps as dead specimens for pinning. Your best bet is finding someone to ship you ootheca by mail. But they do require more attentive husbandry then most. By far most roaches can be kept like geckos with no hotspot but Polyzosteria as a genus do best with a hotspot like varanids or agamas. If you can spare the change I recommend getting Cockroaches of Australia by David Rentz.
  6. Good luck Sir. Island species are so very capable of extinction in the wild.
  7. Bait fish oil and molasses works well. It will attract a lot of flies too. Mango, papaya, banana, dark beer, red wine mixed in brown sugar.
  8. That is really cool! Anything about their structure that is really cool?
  9. Sorry fellas! that is a Cuban phrase that means a few things like "lets do it!" But in this case I mean it like "Damn!!"
  10. Has anyone ever had the "all adult colony of roaches with minimal breeding issue?" The only remedy I have for that is to leave only 5 adult males.
  11. I am not sure if its the same crystal...but it expands when wet and turns into little dry rocks once dry. They are sold at a nursery for adding to soil.
  12. Thats funny. My wife on the other hand is not funny....She said she skipped her period.
  13. Welcome Nacho. Glad you made it over here from Ovogram. Now I can send you some free roaches. I have been to CR once...I was in Tortugero , Arenal, and Monteverde. At that tie I was more into snakes and lizards "I change my intreset every now and then" I loved catching vipers and vine snakes and did a few nose dives for those jesus crist lizards aswell...But by far the best thing was the COFFEE!!!
  14. As a test I gave those to some roaches and then a few days later I froze them....When cut open they all had crystals in them....I don't use them at all.
  15. Fish meal works well....but get ready for some runny stools.
  16. In NYC there is the infamous periplaneta japonica.. it's unique in the sense that it is the ice fish of roaches and can survive - temps...I think they also are active during winter and walk on snow... They are only found at High line the Manhattan park...No were else in the US have they been reported. If you went out to collect them you would be the first person in the hobby with them on this forum.
  17. I really wish we could see more of the natives from your country...China has so much to offer in terms of insects.
  18. How about a time lapse camera?? with a feed and heat source in view?
  19. I have tried culturing them....they are slow growers and lose their sheen when kept with other animals.
  20. sweet dude...I will find a few of those eventually!
  21. That's amazing. is it cool looking? I can go out and look for it....After I go out and catch some Broward banded milkweed assassin bugs.
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