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  1. Thanks Orin. I noticed one was the aggressor and one just ran. They could be going through their teen age years ! Maybe I will move one of the females with the other moved male. Just keep two cages going for a few weeks. Bob
  2. Hi folks ! I have two female and two male Gromphadorhina oblongonata in a glass 2 1/2 gallon aquarium. They are close to full grown. The two males stared fighting last night. Chasing eat other around and butting heads. No damage yet but I took one male out. I wonder If I should put them together but in a larger cage ? I want to breed these but don't want to loose any ! Bob
  3. Thanks Matt....I looked at them before work this morning around 6:00am and a male was in the grounf dog food dish chowing down. They are doing fine but may just have a slower metabolism that G. Portentosa.
  4. Hey Peter !!! It's me Bob !! Yup...still living in Troutdale doing a few tarantulas, Phyllium Giganteum ova and two pair of Gromphadorhina oblongonata . Bob
  5. They completely devourered two fresh oak leaves last night and took a bite out of a rose leaf. I will remove the typical dog food and feed them leaves. These are not your typical hissers !!! One of the females shed. She is about 3 inches now. Bob
  6. Forgot to add....a few paper egg crates for them to hide under................Bob
  7. All four are in a glass 2 1/2 gallon screen top aquarium. Bowl of water and dried ground up dog food ( they don't seem to like either). They are next to a lamp so they are 80 degrees. They remain hidden all day. Maybe they need a substraight? maybe they don't like light ? Any help would be usefull. Not active at all but seem healthy.
  8. Anyone keep Gromphadorhina oblongata ? I have two adult males and two adult females. They just don't seem to eat much, very picky. They ate eating rose leaves, apples and lettice but barely nible. There are feces on the ground so I know they are eating, but hardly at all !! Not like my G. portentosa anyway. Bob
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