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  1. My hissers have mites on their body, but nothing happened. I think they are harmless..
  2. NoNo I found it. I bought a sample size dog pellet at Petsmart! That costs only $2.11
  3. I feed carrots. I fed them cucumbers yesterday, but my G.oblongonota didn't like it.
  4. No problem at my computer.... I fixed it to imgur url.
  5. I got them from CapeCodRoaches. They are so tiny and really hard for the camera to focus them.
  6. Thanks for your tip! I have 6 G.oblongonota and 5 H.tenebricosa . There's PETCO and PETSMART nearby.. but I can't find any sample bags.
  7. Wowww.... Thank you! I'm gonna buy some dried dog..
  8. Is protein suppliment (like dried dog food) necessary for roaches? I feed them with dried leaves and carrots only.
  9. JunQ


    I live in Maryland and have G.oblongonota and H.tenebricosa for pets and feeders. I'm interested in creating big colony of them. I found this Forum while searching for information about H.tenebricosa
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